Top 30 Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Instagram has become a very huge important social media today. It’s one of the best social platforms to grow the fashion business.  Therefore, you need to consider Instagram as your main channel for your fashion business. You can directly communicate with your clients, and your community can understand who you are and what you are doing. So, today with all the new features on Instagram it’s much simpler to for fashion bloggers to interact with their clients.

Fashion blogs have been available since 2000. However, blogging can be a new game. While fashion blogs have become high-traffic websites, we can not argue from the simple fact that social networking platforms such as Instagram remain the biggest forum to bring traffic to fashion blogs. However, we aren’t whining, as that has made our own lives comfortable.

We’re likely to talk about fashion bloggers. If you are interested in fashion you should follow them! Here are some of the Top Fashion Bloggers on Instagram of all-time:

Top Famous Fashion Bloggers

Chiara Ferragni (16.2M followers)

top fashion bloggers on instagram

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion blogger and businesswoman. She is famous for her fashion blog and internet shopping stage, The Blonde Salad as a source of inspiration for millions of people around the world.

Most importantly, she’s collaborated with a number of top designers and has appeared in several high-end fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. Also, she collaborates with numerous fashion houses and manages her own shoe business.

Aimee Song (5.2M followers)

top fashion bloggers on instagram

Aimee is an American influencer. She is one of the top fashion bloggers on Instagram as an interior designer living in Los Angeles. This creative blogger has an eye for mixing flea market finds with designer pieces.

Also, she is known as the New York Times bestselling author.

Julie Sariñana (5.1M followers)

Julie is among America’s top fashion bloggers on Instagram. She is the owner of an online shop, “Sincerely Jules”. With over 5 million Instagram followers and her own clothing line, this is one girl to keep track of.

Alexa Chung (3.2M followers)

top fashion bloggers on instagram

For many, Alexa Chung needs no introduction. She is a British writer, television presenter, and model. Also, she is one of the most followed fashion blogger. This Instagram fashion influencer has 3.2 million followers. She’s done everything from persuading us that Peter Pan collars are quite satisfactory things for adult women to launch her own lines.

Leandra Medine (2.1M followers)

Leandra Medine is one of the famous American author and top fashion bloggers on Instagram. The blog ‘Man Repeller’ is an accurate place that talks about women interests and men boredom. She has an extraordinary ability to combine high-street fashion and giving it a comedic elegant to prove her life’s motto -“you don’t have to take everything seriously”. This blog is about more than just one woman sharing her personal style, but a team ringing in millions of monthly views.

Danielle Bernstein (2M followers)

Danielle Bernstein founded the blog “We Wore What back” when she was a fashion student at FIT in NYC. Today, she is one of the top fashion Instagram influencers with 2 million followers. She wants her followers to focus on her outfits, and we think it brings an excellent perspective to the table. Moreover, She turned her influence and style into her own line of clothing and accessories.

Jenn Im (1.7M followers)

top fashion bloggers on instagram

Jenn Imis is one of the top fashion bloggers on Instagram. She is a Korean-American fashion and beauty vlogger who got her start on YouTube. She built up a following of 1.7 million and now has her own fashion line, Eggie.

Julia Engel (1.2M followers)

top fashion bloggers on instagram

Julia is among American fashion bloggers and dress designers. She is a California girl living in San Francisco.  Most importantly, She is famous for her fashion blog, Gal Meets Glam. Photos of her blog pop up all over the internet thanks to her large following. Check out her daily girly style with a dose of glam and her amazing travel backdrops. 


Other Top Fashion Bloggers on Instagram:

  • Helena Bordon
  • Chriselle Lim
  • Wendy Nguyen
  • Gala Gonzalez
  • Giovanna Engelbert
  • Garance Doré
  • Camille Charriere
  • Candela Pelizza
  • Maja Wyh
  • Jessica Wang
  • Gabi Gregg
  • Shini Park
  • Pandora Sykes
  • Alex Stedman
  • Reese Blutstein
  • Nicolette Mason
  • Jeanne Damas
  • Patricia Manfield
  • Madelynn Furlong
  • Susanna Lau

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