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You are an influencer and want to schedule posts on your Instagram page? You are in luck. If you search for an Instagram scheduler, you’ll find many ways and apps that can help you to do this — but confused about how to choose the simplest and the best one? In this article, we are going to talk about two of the best ways of scheduling Instagram posts. 

1. Intelligent Story and Feed Scheduling app (Do not Need a Facebook Business Page)

2. Facebook Creator Studio (Needs a Facebook Business Page)

So if you don’t have a Facebook business page, don’t worry! Still, there is a perfect way to schedule Instagram posts. Then, we’ll be showing you how to schedule Instagram posts using a free signup app and get rewards for that.

Then, you will learn how to schedule and design your Instagram feed using Facebook Creator Studio. But as you might know, Facebook Creator Studio needs a Face business page. 

So, let’s get started.

How to schedule Instagram posts without having a Facebook business page?

AiSchedul is an Instagram based platform that will let you schedule posts and stories, repost content, create all-in-one links, write an impressive Instagram bio for more followers, and also create influencer box posts. But let’s see how it helps you and how it works. 

To post and reward on Instagram automatically using AiSchedul, follow these steps:

Step 1) First of all, open the Post Reward tap on the AiSchedul website and click on “Try Free”.

How to post and reward using a free app

Step 2) Then, enter your email address, set a password and hot the register button. If you already have an AiSchedul account, just skip this step and login to your account. 

free app to shcedule posts on instagram

Step 3) Now, add your Instagram account(s) to AiSchedul, and tap on the manage account button on the dashboard or tap on “Post & Reward” from the menu bar on the left side of the page. Note that you can add as many accounts as you want!

shcedule get reward

Step 4) After that, click on the “Schedule to Reward” button. 

schedule to reward influencer box

Step 5) Now, upload the photo(s) you want to share as the announcement. In addition, by filling in the boxes below the photo, you can define the rules to join the contest. Moreover, edit the DM that will be sent automatically to the participants. 

how to post on instagram

Step 6) Then, edit the caption, choose HashTags to be posted on the first comment, set the date and time and also choose the accounts you want to share the posts on. Now, just hit the “Schedule Post” button and sit and watch the process. 

automate scheduling process

That’s all! You have saved a great deal of time and all the things will be done automatically!

How to Schedule Instagram Posts with Facebook Creator Studio

Note that in order to do this you need to already have a Facebook business page set up. To begin, go to business.facebook.com/creatorstudio. 

Facebook Creator Studio

Here you can create posts for your business page and access insights. Facebook Creator Studio recently introduce the option to link your Instagram account. Also, you have the ability to schedule posts for your Instagram feed and IG TV from the creator studio as well. 

How to link your Instagram account to the creator studio

To link your Instagram account to the creator studio:

connect and link your Instagram account to the creator studio

1. Click the Instagram icon at the top. 

you can connect your Instagram account to facebook creator studio

2. Then, click connect your account. In the pop-up window click OK. 

creator studio for Instagram

3. Now, sign in to your Instagram account. 

4. Once you log in, your Instagram account will be linked to your Facebook business page.

Now, you should see your library of existing Instagram posts appear. 

content library on creator studio for instagram

To schedule a new post: 

1. Click “Create Post” in the top left corner. 

2. Then, choose whether you want to post it to your Instagram feed or IGTV.

For example, choose Instagram Feed:

3. This will open a post to the Instagram window on the right. 

4. Click your Instagram username.

5. To add the image you’d like to post Instagram, click add content. 

You can upload from your computer or choose a photo or video you’ve already posted to your Facebook business page.

6. Once you’ve added the image file, you can write a caption in the textbox above.

7. You can also add hashtags, tag your friends from Instagram, or add a location to your post if you want.

If you’d like this post to also be published on your Facebook business page, click the checkmark beside your business page name at the bottom. 

If you want to post this immediately, click publish. To schedule it for later, click the arrow button, then select the “Schedule”. Pick the date and time you want your post to be published.

When you are done, click “Schedule”. Once that time rolls around, the post will automatically be published on your Instagram account.

That’s all it takes to schedule Instagram posts with Facebook Creator Studio.


To sum it up, if you are an influencer and want to schedule Instagram posts, there are two ways. If you have a Facebook business page and don’t want to use a third-party app, do it with Facebook Creator Studio as described above. But if you want to get something extra more than just scheduling, Aischedule is a perfect tool that you can benefit from its amazing features. 

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