What things to post on Instagram?

Which Instagram posts are the most engaging? When looking for things to post on Instagram, there are days when the posts just come to you, and there are days where you feel you are banging your head against a brick wall.

Sometimes you expect a post will do tremendously well only for it to flop hard, and sometimes you make a throw-away comment on someone else’s feed that brings you a hundred new followers.

We wanted to find out which Instagram posts were the most engaging to give our influencers the best chance possible.


What things to post on Instagram?

things to post on instagram

That’s a pretty big question. You can post anything you like: from your thoughts to videos, photos, blog links – pretty much anything you want.

However, when you are an Instagram marketer, brand ambassador or influencer, you need to get with the program. Your posts might already receive a hundred likes a time – but when you apply a proper strategy and start following the top Instagram trends, you will find your success doubled.


Which post get the most engagement?

We wanted to examine which posts performed the best, so we dug out some stats. According to metrics watcher Statista, Instagram had over a billion active users in 2018 per month, which means you have to stand out among that billion.

Of this, there are two main ways that people become Insta-famous; by being incredibly popular and by being incredibly unpopular.

So think about this when considering the best things to post on Instagram.


You never fail with funny Instagram posts!

An important lesson is that a funny Instagram post will always receive a steady income of likes.

Funny Instagram posts brighten your follower’s news feed, so if you are comedy-inclined, then put your funny hat on and get to it.

Posting great photos and keeping it lighthearted and funny is the best way to engage your audience and grow organically. See this post from WordStream for some hilarious examples of Instagram posts everyone loves.

funny instagram posts

As well as funny posts, there is one other foolproof way to conquer all the things to post on Instagram: animals. Whether they be cute and furry or ugly and ridiculous, a cute cat or a fur-faced dog will get you swimming in likes before the day is out.

Top Tip

Perhaps our top tip though is to be true to your audience. Whatever attracts your followers, to begin with, is the thing that will help you grow.

If funny Instagram posts are out of character for you, then don’t do them!

Stick to your image and always represent your best self. It is only by trying out a variety of posts on all different topics that are important to you that you will find your exact niche, and that is where you can make your money!


Of course, being the best and most popular on Instagram is also about having the right tools. When you’ve figured out what things to post on Instagram, use their post scheduler and engagement pods to help with posting.

Pop on over to AI Grow now to start your free trial of the best Instagram toolset available online.

Be there or play catch up later, the choice is yours.

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