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Here’s Where You Can Find a Brand Ambassador Job

With every business in the world currently trying to make the shift to an online marketplace, the global marketing world has exploded so that it now affects all aspects of the industry. Got an Alpaca farm? Get on Snapchat. Run a brewery on a mountainside? Get an Instagram account. Sell ice to Alaskans? You definitely need to be on Facebook. Get a brand ambassador job!


Social media has given us a two-edged sword. Where nowadays every aspect of your private life can be viewed online; it also allows us to see and experience sights across the world that we never even knew about before.

It makes the world smaller somehow, enabling us to stay in touch with people we never thought we could.

Nowadays when people emigrate to Australia we can still talk to them at the end of the day – not so twenty years ago when emigration meant you never saw someone again.

What’s all this got to do with the brand ambassador job description? The world is changing. The world is becoming a mass of data, email addresses and ‘https://’.

Marketing has gone digital (LinkedIn), and Social Media platforms are the newest way for brands to gain influence over their customers.

How do they do it? By hiring the most popular of online marketing tools: the social media influencer.


brand ambassador job description

A brand ambassador is a social media influencer (that’s a popular person with lots of followers that frequently engage with them) who have been hired by a specific brand to represent, support or engage with them in full view of the public.

For a skateboarder this might mean wearing Vans shoes everywhere you compete, for a popular make-up artist this might mean always relying on a particular type of foundation that you ‘swear by’.

This is also called an influencer.

Influencers are so called because they ‘influence’ their fan bases purchasing decisions.

As soon as modern digital marketing strategists figured this out the demand for brand ambassadors shot through the roof!

Just for the purposes of clarity, we sourced this summary of brand ambassadors job descriptions from internet jobsite Indeed to help you get a good feel for some of the roles a brand ambassador

These roles and duties include creating engaging media content, advising brands on marketing campaigns and measuring metrics to ensure you are having a positive impact.


brand ambassador salary

Anything from $15 an hour for a brand ambassador salary and increasing from there.

Zip Recruiter puts the annual salary of a brand ambassador at $35,522 as of April 2019 – a price expected to grow as other brands catch on to just how successful brand ambassador and social media influencer marketing is.

You can get a brand ambassador job such as this for your very own if you make the right moves.

Gaining enough popularity on social media, through a blog or by using YouTube allows you exposure to potential audiences that brands want.

If you want to grow your audience and become an influencer then signup for a free trial of AI Grow today and get started driving views to your page and making yourself a favourite among big brands everywhere.

Don’t wait, the world is changing right now and you don’t want to be left behind in the dust with Radio advertising and MySpace…

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