What are the most popular Instagram influencer marketplaces? Brand ambassadors on Instagram offer a growing platform for well-known manufacturers to get their products seen by the people they want to see it.

If your own image fits with theirs and you have the Instagram followers you have the potential to be making big bucks! But what exactly are the terms of your brand ambassador job description and which marketplaces are the most popular?

A Brand Ambassador Job Description Changes Across Different Marketplaces

It’s true! The job description of a brand ambassador for a fashion label includes being seen wearing those clothes, an agreed upon a number of posts about that brand per day, week or month, and numerous other little nuances that the brand may feel helpful to their promotion.

A brand ambassador for a travel firm, on the other hand, may spend time flying from one place to another in order to review the facilities across a broad range of locations. Your brand ambassador job description will change depending on what you are trying to sell.

brand ambassador job description

While brand ambassador job descriptions are changing thanks to influencers with large followings of their own, check out this job description from Better Team.

This is an example of how corporations can demand different things depending on skill level, location and time.

Rather than seeking an influencer to advertise their products, they require someone with a degree in marketing and a firm grasp of customer metrics. All of these things will help you in the world of influencing – but a huge following is the most important part.

The point we are trying to make? Be sure to read the job description before you agree to represent the brand because it’s not all sunshine and free clothing…

Fashion Brand Ambassadors Are The Most Popular Influencer Marketplace on Insta!

How do we know? According to Marketing Week, a full third of all Instagram users have bought an item of clothing they saw an influencer wearing. One. Third. That’s a 33.33% engagement rating of all those who see the brand.

Get the right influencers and the fashion marketplace offers insane money making opportunities for everyone involved.

Brands don’t only use influencers on the Instagram platform, they also set up pages of their own. The main job description of a brand ambassador, in this case, is to wear the clothing, interact with the brand and act as a representative out doing things while wearing their clothing.

brand ambassador job description

How Can You Get In On This Action?

By becoming a brand ambassador by yourself, of course! It’s really not that difficult when you have the right support in place and enough followers.

Don’t forget that with AiGrow, you are able to drive over 10,000 unique monthly visits to your Instagram page to help you realize your dream of becoming a brand ambassador on Instagram for your favorite firms!

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