Instagram is one of the biggest social media giants on the market right now. With over 200 million active users, and officially 25 million active business accounts. And currently, it is reaching more than 700 million active users each month.  It is a great place to promote business by turning to Instagram influencers. Many ambitious content creators are looking for their success on the social platform with the hope of posting the next viral photo or video that can direct them to social media glory. Read more to learn who are the top Instagram influencers in beauty and fitness.

Businesses which are investing in Instagram marketing today and want to target their interested audience completely must have a look at the marketing campaigns of influential people. The latest researches show that marketing budgets are increasing. For example, a study stated that approximately 40% of all marketers increased their budget in 2018.

Instagram influencers bring real engaged audiences with stunning photos and professional videos. These Instagram influencers have turned to some of the most recognizable names worldwide on Instagram, constituting the fashionable way to reach the interested audience.

top instagram influencers fitness

Collaborating with Instagram influencers is a marketing tactic that can give your brand a high-quality image in the eyes of your clients, in fact, it offers you immediate feedback on your services and products and lets you achieve out to your audience in a more authentic manner. Every fitness influencer requires another strategy to advertise their brand, products, and patterns. It means that you will have to pick an account with the ideal Instagram influencers follower demographics. Also, it fits your brand’s picture effectively work.

Let’s have a glance at the top 25 fitness influencers on Instagram.


Top Fitness Instagram Influencers

Michelle Lewin (13.4M followers)

top instagram influencers fitness

Michelle Lewin is the best Instagram fitness influencer. She is a Venezuelan fitness model and bodybuilder. Michelle is willing to assist her followers in achieving their fitness goals by sharing her very best workout suggestions & routines on Instagram. Above all, she has her exercise tool and has also generated two apps: “Meal plan” and “Fitplan”.
Besides, her motivational fitness videos along with her down-to-earth nature are a couple of reasons why her followers are faithful to her.

Jen Selter (12.7M followers)

Jennifer Leigh (Jen” Selter) is an American actress and fitness product. Just like Lewin, she is a top-rated social networking star in the area of fitness. She brought high media attention on Instagram. Her Instagram frequently features workout videos and photos of her modelling active wear. Moreover, she is a featured trainer on the Fitplan program, where she invites visitors to try out her successful “Booty Guide”.

Other Top Fitness Instagrammers:


Top Beauty Instagram Influencers

Here are the top 25 beauty influencers on Instagram:

Huda Kattan (34.9M followers)

Huda Kattan is the most followed Instagrammer, YouTuber, and blogger who ensures the best beauty products and latest trends. Her followers love her honesty, personality, and artistry in cosmetics. As one of the world’s top beauty Instagram influencers, Kattan has had so much success as a wonder influencer that she has been in a position to launch her line of makeup offered in Sephora and several other leading retail stores.

Chiara Ferragni (16.2M followers)

top instagram influencers beauty

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion businesswoman and influencer famous for her fashion blog and internet shopping stage, The Blonde Salad. Also, she’s collaborated with some top designers and has appeared in several high-end fashion publications such as Vogue, Lucky, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Other Top Beauty Instagrammers

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