If you want to engage your audiences on social media and build their trust, you have to be active and share something with them. Sharing attractive posts and images are the best ways to stand out in your Instagram account if you want to make certain they engage with your posts. You can save time with premade Instagram media kits and templates instead of creating content from scratch every time you want to share a post.

All you need to do is download one of the Instagram media kits then customize it with your colours and fonts, then upload it to your favourite Instagram account. The way you express your importance to prospective brand partners is the definition of an Instagram media kit. Instagram media kit performs a comparable purpose for other experts as a resume or portfolio.

Like using a CV to apply for a job, you will use your Instagram media kit to apply for sponsorships, apply for paid campaigns, or react to demands for brand cooperation. So if you plan to work on sponsored campaigns with brands, you will need a good and appropriate Instagram media kit.


Social Media Quote Creator

Instagram media kit

For any busy designer, marketer or blogger, Social Media Quote Creator is a time-saving instrument. This tool saves you hours of design job while allowing you to choose from numerous combinations. The features of this media kit which you can use as your Instagram media kit are:

  • There are 200 available quotes to use
  • You can edit all parts of the photoshop files
  • Free fonts from google
  • Tutorial video 
  • Simple to use


Botanical Social Media Pack

Botanical Social Media Pack is an Instagram media kit (and also other social media) that is ideal for bloggers of beauty and fashion, lifestyle bloggers, fashion companies, stylists and beauticians. Templates exist in three dimensions: 1200x1200px, 1200x630px, 1200x630px, and 735x1120px for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest respectively. 

You can use this lovely pack to enhance posts, niche, sales and activities on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or you can add lovely pictures to your blog posts.


Nalu Social Media Pack

Instagram media kit

Nalu Social Media Pack is a set of 30 templates suitable for bloggers, developers, businessmen, and clothing shops. In addition to 30 distinctive templates for each design, it also includes 15 banners for social media promotion. It is compatible with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, so it can be a smart choice for your Instagram media kit.


Palette Social Media Kit

Palette Social Media Kit helps your brand or company to look perfect on social media. This Instagram media kit works in photoshop and in addition to Instagram has designs for Facebook and Twitter. The only thing you need to do is replacing the text and images, and share it with your followers. 

It’s that easy! You can modify the colour, text, pictures and make any modifications. Palette Social Media K includes 20 distinct square layouts.


MALINA Social Media Pack 

Instagram media kit

Malina Social Media pack has 72 modern, multi-purpose social media designs that are appropriate for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and various blogs to present a business. As a reward, there are 20 seamless hand-drawn patterns that are perfect for use in larger areas, so the posts look directly fascinating. All files are well structured so they are easy and quick to use. 

Note that using fonts and pictures are free of charge, but not included in the download and you should download it separately.

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