According to Alexa Ranks, YouTube is the #2 website in the world. Every day, many people enjoy videos from YouTube. So is it any wonder that YouTube is a very significant destination to find influencers for brands? Video game commentators, makeup artists, and comedians are among the most famous YouTube influencers. In this post, we will introduce a list of top 30 YouTube influencers.

30. Myth – @Myth

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Ali Kabbani known as Myth is a 20-years-old Amerian gamer and YouTuber based in Michigan. His gameplay and videos concentrate on games like Fortnite and Minecraft, and also he features other famous games frequently. 


29. JennaMarbles – @JennaMarbles

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The channel of JennaMarbles is named because of its proprietor name, Jenna Nicole Mourey, and Marbles, her dog. Jenna is an American, specializing in vlogging videos. 


28. Nigahiga – @Nigahiga

During 2008-2011, Nigahiga had the honour of being the most subscribed channel of YouTube for this period. Ryan Higa (of Japanese / American origin from Hawaii) and Sean Fujiyoshi originally create the NigaHiga channel in 2006 while still in school.


27. Ryan ToysReview – @Ryan ToysReview

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Ryan ToysReview is a YouTube channel for kids. The channel features seven-year-old Ryan Kaji and his mother, dad, and twin sisters.


26. DanTDM – @DanTDM 

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Daniel Robert Middleton is known as DanTDM on social media. He is one of the most popular gaming influencers from Britain. Daniel has more than 22 million subscribers on YouTube and almost 3 million followers on Instagram. He is currently trending Fortnite on his YouTube channel.


25. Shane Dawson – @shane

Shane Dawson became famous because of his videos on conspiracy theories and documentary series about YouTubers such as Jeffree Star and Jake Paul. Now he is one of the top YouTube influencers and has over 22 million subscribers on YouTube. 


24. Ninja – @Ninja 

Ninja is a pro player on video game streaming platform Twitch and has the most followed user on this platform. His channel on YouTube features playing famous games such as “Apex Legends” and “Fortnite Battle Royale”.


23. JackSepticEye – @jacksepticeye

YouTube influencers

Seán William McLoughlin or Jacksepticeye is a 29-year-old YouTuber from Ireland. He is mainly known for his humorous Let’s Play content and comedy vlogs. 


22. Yuya – @Yuya

Yuya is one of the YouTube influencers who work in beauty field. She started posting makeup, hair and style tutorial from the age of 16. Now she has 24 million followers on her YouTube channel.


21. MrBeast – @MrBeast

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MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTube influencers because of his videos in two categories: “viral challenges” and “to attentions”.


20. Markiplier – @Markiplier

Mark is one of the famous American YouTube influencers in gaming based in Los Angles. His selection for games is often of the survival horror genre. He has 7.3 million followers on Instagram and 24.4 million subscribers on YouTube. 


19. RezendeEvil – @rezendeevil 

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Rezende began as a gaming channel where he posted “Minecraft” videos of himself. then he shifted that content to another channel and is now primarily focused on comedy videos and daily vlogs involving his friends.


18. VanossGaming – @VanossGaming

VanossGaming is a presenter on gaming, but what makes him unique are his collections of funny moments that are stitched together while he is playing.


17. Smosh – @Smosh

Smosh has been around since 2005, one of the more established YouTube channels. His focus is on the comedy illustrations. 


16. Luisito Comunica – @Luisito Comunica

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Luisito Comunica shares his travel experiences in the world’s towns as documentary videos on his channel. He has 26.4 million subscribers and can be counted as one of the most popular YouTube influencers.


15. Luccas Neto – @LUCCAS NETO – LUCCAS TOON

Luccas Neto creates illustrations of popular characters and stories. His main aimed subscribers are children.


14. Vlad and Nikita – @Vlad and Nikita

Vlad and Nikita are two brothers based in the US. one of them is 6 and the other is 4. Their channel has 26.5 million subscribers and they share funny playing and adventures of themselves on this channel. 


13. Vegetta777 – @VEGETTA777 

Vegetta777 channel is one of the most popular YouTube influencers which is known for his videos featuring games such as “Minecraft,” “Saint’s Row,” and “Battlefield.” 


12. Você Sabia?- @Você Sabia? 

The “Você Sabia?” channel, which translates into “Did you know?” presents videos from all over the world with interesting facts and trivia.


11. Fernanfloo – @Fernanfloo

Luis Fernando Flores is one of the YouTube influencers from El Salvador. He’s famous for his wacky antics and gameplay videos and sometimes his dogs appear in his videos.


10. Like Nastya Vlog – @Like Nastya Vlog

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The channel “Like Nastya Vlog” share regular posts of a cute girl named Stacy. She is a Russian-American girl and her videos are about playing with toys and with her family on adventures.

9. Felipe Neto – Felipe Neto

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Felipe Neto creates funny videos and vlogs about his people’s daily lives, news and famous people. He’s another influential YouTube’s older brother, Luccas Neto.


8. Kids Diana Show – @Kids Diana Show

The ” Kids Diana Show” videos are about Diana and her brother, Roma. The channel contains the unboxing toys and amazing adventures of the children with the Russian language.


7. El Rubius – @elrubiusOMG 

Rubén Doblas Gundersen is a Spanish boy and gamer. His channel has 35.8 million subscribers and his videos are reviews and funny commentary.


6. JuegaGerman – @JuegaGerman

Garmendia is one of the greatest YouTube influencers of Latin America’s form Chile. His channel, JuegaGerman, concentrated on video games alone for the first time but extended into other comedic entertainment.


5. Whinderssonnunes – @whinderssonnunes

Whinderssonnunes is a Brazilian boy who has started creating vlogs and comedic content since he was 15. He shares his daily life parodies, songs and film reviews.


4. HolaSoyGerman – @HolaSoyGerman

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HolaSoyGerman is one of two YouTube channels operated by Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, a Chilean comedian, musician, singer and writer. JuegaGerman is his other channel.

3. Badabun – @Badabun

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“Exponiendo Infieles” series make Badabun rise in popularity, where the host interviews couples to see if either individual cheats on the other. The Badabun channel has 42.4 million subscribers.


2. Dude Perfect – @Dude Perfect 

Cory and Coby Cotton, plus three college friends are the owners of the Dude Perfect channel. The Dude Perfect boys are popular in their videos for their collections of trick shots and their Rolodex of notorious athletes.


1. PewDiePie – @PewDiePie

YouTube influencers

Felix Kjellberg in one of the Swedish YouTube influencers in the gaming niche. He has more than 20 million followers on Instagram and 101 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos on youtube are very popular and have more than 20 billion views. He is well-known because of his content named Let’s Play. 

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