Working as a fitness model is a more popular and competitive profession on social media nowadays. Now you may be wondering if it’s okay for growing teens to hit the gym. The answer is an absolute yes but with an adult supervisor. In this article, we have prepared a list from the top 10 teen fitness models with a brief look at who they are.

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Here are the top 10 teen fitness models on Instagram


10. Marc-Clemens Lange – @marcclange

Teen Fitness models

Marc Clemens Lange is a 17 years old teen fitness model from Germany. He has excellent body and physics and very capable to grow as a great model.


9. Sergio Araque – @sergiiofit

Teen Fitness

Sergio Araque is a 17 years old teen fitness model. He has more than 11k followers on Instagram. He has only 1 year and 5 months experience of training as a fitness model, but he is growing very fast.


8. Bianca Therese – @lovetheburn92

Teen Fitness models

Bianca Therese is another Brazilian teen fitness model. She has more than 18k followers on Instagram and because of her body shape and skin colour, her engagement on Instagram is ascending.


7. Dawson Kane – @dawson_kane

Teen Fitness

Dawson Kane is an American teen male fitness model. He is 18 years old and has almost 20k followers on Instagram.


6. Manny Drexler – @mannydrexler

Teen Fitness

Manny Drexler is an 18 years old American muscular teen bodybuilder. He has more than 20k followers on Instagram.


Now, onto the top 5 teen fitness models in our list!


5. Lacey Shattock – @laceyshattock_

Teen Fitness models

Lacey Shattock is a model and dancer from Warranwood, Australia. She is 19 years old and has more than 30k followers on Instagram. She was a finalist for Teen Miss Fashion Week Austrialia.


4. Gianna Magliano – @gianna.marie.model

Teen Fitness

Gianna Magliano is an Italian teen fitness model and influencer. This 13-year-old is into dance and gymnastics too.


3. MIKAELA Binns-Rorke – @mikibinnsrorke

Teen Fitness

Mikaela has modelled for numerous brands of Aussie clothing and became a star in the Total Toy Domination campaign of Big W. she has almost 70k followers on Instagram, and her followers are increasing.


2. Violetta – @_vitaniemi

Violetta Selivanova is a teen fitness model and rhythmic gymnastics performer from Bishkek – Kyrgyzstan. She has blue eyes and light brown is her hair natural colour. Her height is 167cm and her Weight is 45kg.


1. THAISSA – @thaissafit

Teen Fitness models

Thaissa is a Brazilian teen fitness model. She has 16 years old and when she was 14, she won the fitness bikini champion for her spectacular form and natural beauty

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