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The Best Telegram Engagement Groups for Instagram Growth

Have you ever consider growing your Instagram engagement in a fast and secure way? If yes, then you must have heard of Instagram pods. If no, don’t worry. In this article, we’re going to explain to you what engagement groups are and how they will help you to gain more engagement. Then, we introduce you top 6 Telegram engagement groups for Instagram growth. So, sit tight and read the following.


Instagram Engagement Groups or Instagram Pods are groups that have members of the same interests. Users from the same business niches gather in these pods and start to interact. By taking and giving likes, comments, shares, and saves, they help each other to achieve a better engagement rate.

You only have to join some of these pods and start your activity to enjoy their benefits. You can find these groups on Instagram itself and also on Facebook. But there is a little problem with pods on Instagram and Facebook.

As Instagram smart algorithm doesn’t like this method of gaining engagement, you might face some difficulty joining these pods. So, what’s the solution? Moving the engagement groups to a safe and secure platform: Telegram!


Telegram is a free cloud-based instant messenger application, available for Android, iOS, and Windows. This practical application allows you to create engagement groups and carry on your Instagram activities from there.

Many Instagram marketing platforms offer Telegram engagement groups. One of the best of them is AiGrow. This is how pods work on AiGrow:

First, you have to create an account on AiGrow and then add your Instagram account in the dashboard. There is a free three-day trial if you want to test AiGrow abilities first. In your toolbar, you can discover a wide range of pods in different sizes. There are four types of pods: Starter, Rising, Turbo, and Super Turbo. Based on your needs, choose the ones that suit you the best.

Bonus: You can join three starter pods for free

After you select your preferred pods, you MUST install telegram on your device and search for AiGrow Chatbot. Only this way, you can use telegram engagement groups. You will see your selected groups. The next step is to schedule a feed. As soon as you schedule your content, all the members on your pod will be notified by AiGrow Chatbot.

So, to sum up, here are some of the advantages of using AiGrow Pods:

  • Easy to use
  • Collect points to cash
  • Saving time by scheduling feeds and stories
  • Access to a variety of pods in different niches
  • Notification for every Instagram post on groups
  • Weekly monitoring to ensure no leechers’ activity

Now that you know how these pods are effective for your account to grow let’s get to know some of them.

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Here are Top 6 Telegram Engagement Groups for Instagram Growth on AiGrow:


This place is for fashion lovers! Here, you can join a community with more than 5700 members who are in love with art and style, just like you. This pod can help you to display your content in this area with millions of fashion, style, and art lovers all over the world. These pod activities include likes, comments, and saves. Also, this is a pre-approved group. So, what do you waiting for? Let a star be born!

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Who doesn’t love travelling and having fun? Well, of course, no one! That’s why with more than 3000 members, Travel and fun is one of the most popular pods. This Super Turbo pod helps you to engage more with fellow travellers and eventually brings you a satisfying growth of engagement rate on Instagram. So, pack your bags and discover this pod!

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Businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs are groups of Instagrammers who can really benefit pods. That’s why Entrepreneurs was created. This group has about 2600 active members that can really come handy to increase engagement. It is worth to mention that this group does not need admin approval to join. So, feel free to dive into a world of business buddies!

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As the name indicated Like pod is all about likes. The only activity that exists in this group is also like. If you do believe in the power of likes to increase the level of engagement on Instagram, do not hesitate and join more than 2400 users who think the same. After all, Instagram is a world where the rule “a like for a like” is applied!

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Are you a gym freak? If yes, then this pod is the right place for you. Fitness, health, and exercise pod has more than 2100 active members. You will receive likes and comments from these sportive members that can help you to be exposed more and more in this popular field. So, shake that leg and join this group.

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This pod is a perfect place for music lovers. No matter what your content is about what type of music, you can be sure that this group will help you to grow. The good news is everybody loves music. So, you can be really hopeful that this pod will help you to stand out among others.

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