Do you want to boost your Instagram account? Need more followers? Do you want to transform your Instagram account into a huge one? One of the ways to boost your account and receive more and more likes and comments is to use Telegram group (or pod) as an engagement group.


What is an Instagram engagement group?

Instagram engagement groups (also called Instagram pods) are private networks that Instagrammers join. Members of the pod do like and comment on each other’s posts in the hope of beating Instagram’s algorithm and increasing the reach and impressions of their post. 

Several Instagram engagement groups are there such as:

  • Facebook engagement groups
  • Instagram DM groups
  • Instagram engagement autopods
  • Telegram groups (Instagram Rounds Groups on Telegram)


What is a Telegram group?

The Telegram groups are hosted inside groups on the Telegram chat app. Depending on the group, there may be hundreds or even thousands of members. In a Telegram group, everyone posts at specific scheduled times and not sporadically throughout the day.

How do these Telegram groups work?

Telegram group















Every Telegram group  has its own rules, but basically, the working procedure of these Telegram groups can be simplified as follows:

  • You post your link to your Instagram posts you want to be liked or commented on.
  • You catch up with all the previous links on the pod from the members of the pod (i.e. you like or comment on their posts).


Different types of Telegram groups

These three types are the main types of Telegram groups out there:

  • Like only groups
  • Comments only group
  • Like and comments group

Rules of different Telegram groups

There are several different rules for each and every one of these Telegram groups. But in general they could be mentioned as below:

  • For example, a Dx5 group means you have to engage with 5 posts before you can drop the link of the post you want the next 5 people to engage with.
  • 24-hour groups require you to engage with all links in the last 24 hours (The most effective Telegram group for boosting your Instagram account in a short period of time)
  • Some groups have minimum follower requirements (1K, 5K, 10K, etc).
  • Some groups tend to have Telegram bots that can check if you satisfy the pod’s requirements or not.

telegram group


Different specific niches of Telegram groups

There are Telegram groups for each and every big niche like:

  • Fashion Instagram pods
  • Fitness Instagram pods
  • Beauty Instagram pods
  • Travel Instagram pods


AiGrow – Telegram Bot

Telegram chatbot is one of the best tools provided by AiGrow to get likes, comments, saves and shares from your engagement groups. You can start getting engagement Telegram Chatbot very quickly.

First, you need to download the Telegram app for your device. You can either download it from the store (App Store for ios or Play Store for Android) or the Telegram website.

telegram group aigrow

Next, you need to choose your country and enter your phone number.  In a few seconds, you will receive a 5 digit code. Once you enter it, you will log in your Telegram account.

When you are in Telegram, type AiGrow in the search bar on the top and press Enter. You will see it on the first result.

telegram group join

Now, you are in the chatbot. You can start sharing your posts to get engagement. To get it started, tap Start on the bottom. Then, you need to tap “Submit Instagram URL”.


While your Telegram is open, go to your Instagram. Open the post you want to get engagement for. Just tap the three dots on the right corner and hit Copy Link.


















After that, switch back to Telegram and paste your link in the chatbot. That’s it. You have successfully requested for Instagram engagement from AiGrow autopods you have joined in. Now, you should wait to see the results.

telegram group for instagram growth


After that, switch back to Telegram and paste your link in the chatbot. That’s it. You have successfully requested for Instagram engagement from AiGrow autopods you have joined in. Now, you should wait to see the results.

Remember you have to join AiGrow engagement pods before working with Telegram bot. Also, if you don’t want to use Telegram, you can automatically receive engagement on your posts by using the scheduler feature provided by AiGrow.

Join Engagement Groups!


The most important thing about AiGrow bot is the fact that the likes and comments you receive through AiGrow Telegram groups are real, from real people and real accounts. This is not the same as buying followers or likes from fake accounts. Most of the groups on telegram consist of human participation and human engagement.

Want to know how to become an Instagram influencer fast, click here.


How to join a Wolf Telegram group

Many groups are closed, so you’ll have to watch for announcements when they open. Here are some open groups that you can join.

  • Wolf_Comments
  • Wolf 24h Comments
  • Wolf_Likes


Once you join a few Telegram groups, you’ll automatically get added to new groups when they form. So all you have to do is to find several few Telegram groups to join.

Other Telegram Group options

In my opinion, the most popular Telegram group is Wolf pods. they run a well-organized group with many different niches and thousands of active users.

Follow the Wolf Global Entry and Wolf Global News channels for updates on the latest groups.

Here are some of the most popular Telegram groups out there:

Like Groups

BoostGram Dx10 Like

BoostGram Dx20 Like

Comment Groups

BoostGram Dx5

BoostGram Dx10


Like & Comment Groups

BoostGram Travel

BoostGram Fitness

For a more comprehensive list of Telegram groups in all different niches, you can click here.

What should you do once you join?

The first thing that you should do after joining to a Telegram group is to check their rules. Rules are usually pinned at the top of the group. Rules typically include:

  • Follow the admins
  • Close the preview when dropping your link
  • Engage before you can drop your link
  • Sometimes you can only drop one or two links in 24 hours


As it’s said before, for example, If it’s a Dx5 likes group, you must like the last 5 posts that you see in the group before dropping your own.

people before you have dropped the links to their Instagram posts in this format for example, “Dx5 @username”





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