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  • TapInfluence Review: Become an Influencer & Make Money!

TapInfluence is an excellent platform for influencers to get opportunities from companies and for marketers to scout high-quality influencers for potential campaigns.

It is one of the more recognized marketplaces in the influencer marketing space amongst influencers and marketers.

They work with high-end brands such as Panasonic, White Wave Foods, and SunTrust Bank.

All in all, TapInfluence is an opt-in platform with many great features for influencers as well as marketers in search of influencers.

This review will highlight the platforms best features as well as things I didn’t like.

TapInfluence Influencer Pros

Connect a variety of social channels

There are many supported social channels with TapInfluence including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+.

The ability to connect a variety of social channels gives influencers and marketers a lot of social channels to utilize.

TapInfluence Influencer Marketing

Furthermore, the above image shows that TapInfluence allows influencers to preview estimated rates based on their social network reach per post for all social channels.

Also, you can edit these rates one-by-one.

I love that users have a variety of social channels to add and can see estimates of how much money you can make per post!

Easy profile optimization

During onboarding, influencer’s can optimize their profiles to market themselves for potential opportunities better.

TapInfluence Influencer Marketing

Influencers can add up to 4 primary categories and select up to 4 topics per category.

Also, they given the option to add their location, contact and shipping information, LinkedIn profile, and any professional honours.

PayPal Friendly

With ease, influencers can add their PayPal account to their TapInfluence account to receive payment once a month.

TapInfluence Influencer Marketing

Average cash compensation is strong

TapInfluence’s average cash compensation per month is a $763.50!

It may not seem like much to some, but who wouldn’t want an extra $763.50 a month?

TapInfluence Marketer Pros

Influencer profiles have lots of relevant information

Firstly, TapInfluence’s influencer card is detailed and visually appealing.

influencer card

It showcases the total reach, cost per engagement, rates per post for each type of platform, and influencer demographics.

Furthermore, the influencer profile includes a summary of the influencer, influencer demographics, as well as the reach for each social channel.

TapInfluence Influencer Marketing

The influencer profile is simplistic; however, it has a lot of crucial information all while being visually pleasing.

Media kit provides insight

With TapInfluence, influencer’s can create media kits for marketers highlighting the about of their website or blog.

As a result, it gives marketers insight to see whether the blog or website is a secure fit for their product or service.

TapInfluence Influencer Marketing

Strong search function

The TapInfluence search function is potent in that marketers can incorporate many search tags to target fitting influencers.


Manage multiple campaigns with TapInfluence

TapInfluence allows marketers to manage numerous campaigns in a unified structure.

Thus, marketers can view campaign assignments, associated influencers, campaign content, analytics, and a calendar.

manage campaigns

Within the calendar, marketers can create time-slots for influencers to post and keep track of progress over a monthly period.

calendar progress

Having a calendar is useful in that the marketer can easily see content over a more extended period.

Manage influencer’s seeing their status and rate with TapInfluence

With TapInfluence, marketers can see the influencers that have been added, invited, declined, expired or completed the campaign.

Also, marketers can see the total amount of influencers associated with the campaign, total reach, and total cost for all associated influencers.

manage influencers.jpg

Seeing the requested rate of each influencer allows marketers to note how much they are projected to spend in total.

With this information, they can alter costs if the total cost is over budget.

Propose your rate

TapInfluence allows marketers to propose standards and include money gifts if they wish!

price negotiation.jpg

Equally, influencers can negotiate their pricing until both conclude.

This process is what I call, influencer bargaining.

Manage influencer content and refer to analytics with TapInfluence

The content management feature allows marketers to manage and view metrics for individual pieces of content.

I love this feature as it allows parties to collab with an end goal of better optimizing content!

track posted content.jpg

Equally important, metrics such as cost per engagement, engagement rate, total reach and views are seen in one place!

campaign analytics.jpg

The management of campaigns with TapInfluence provides a lot of information, and it’s straightforward to use.

View campaign benchmarks

See how the performance of a campaign compares to others within the same category or platform.


TapInfluence will score the campaign out of 10 showcasing how well the content is performing within the category and platform.

Campaign benchmarks give marketers powerful insight into how competitive their content is – love this feature!

TapInfluence Cons

Influencers can’t apply for sponsorship deals

I’d love it if TapInfluence allowed influencers to apply for sponsorship deals and browse brands.

The platform would be better if it could provide relevant suggestions for deals and brands for influencers.

Influencers create their profiles and hope for the best.

I would be better if influencer’s had a reason to come back to the website to apply regularly.

Audience insights entered by influencer’s themselves

The TapInfluence platform shows excellent audience insights, but we didn’t like the fact that influencer’s had to input the data.

TapInfluence Influencer Marketing

Marketers must have faith that the influencer’s numbers are correct.

To ensure data is reliable, I’d prefer it if the TapInfluence platform was somehow able to pull data from social profiles and consolidate it.


TapInfluence is a platform I would recommend for both influencers and marketers.

Firstly, all influencer’s have to do is create and optimize their profile and wait for the offers to roll in!

Secondly, marketers can search for influencers, manage campaigns, and optimize with ease!

All in all, I give TapInfluence a 9/10.

Why 9? Influencer’s come on this platform to create their profile but can’t initiate interaction with brands.

Give influencer’s the option to apply for campaigns that are relatable to their target audience.

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