How many people can you tag on Instagram?

With the growing popularity of Instagram, almost everyone has heard of the word “tagging” or has been tagged at least once, but what does it exactly mean to tag someone on Instagram?

This feature allows others to receive notification of your post, and your post will become a part of their profile.

What is tagging on Instagram?

Firstly, you should know the distinction between tagging and mentioning someone on Instagram. Mentioning someone on Instagram means to use @ symbol followed by an Instagram username, which makes a clickable blue form of that user’s name in your caption.

However, tagging someone is done on the image or the video you have posted to know about being in someone else’s post. Another reason to tag someone is to ensure that a particular person who has been tagged will see your post.

tagging someone on instagram

How do I tag someone on Instagram?

Keep in mind that it does not matter whether you are posting a photo or a video; in both cases, you can tag another person as long as they have an account on Instagram. To tag people as you are posting on Instagram, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to tap the plus button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Edit and add filters and effects to the photo or video you have selected.
  3. Now you have different options on the share screen. You can write a caption, add location, and tag people.
  4. Entering their names or usernames enables you to select them from the dropdown menu.
  5. If you are using an iPhone, tap done. If you are using an android mobile phone, tap the blue checkmark, and if you are posting from Instagram on your desktop, click on share.

If you realized that you have forgotten to tag a few more names, you don’t need to worry at all. Follow these simple steps to add more people to a post you have already shared.

  1. When you go to the post you want to edit, you can see a three-horizontal-dot symbol on your iPhones and a three-vertical-dot symbol on your android mobile phones above the image or video.
  2. Tap Edit, and then you can tap tag people to add anyone you wish.

Remember that all users can define who can or cannot tag them on Instagram, so if you are trying in vain to tag someone, it has something to do with the changes they have made in their privacy settings.

If you are also interested to know how you can manage who can tag or mention you on Instagram, follow this instruction.

Go to your settings, and tap privacy. To manage who can tag you on Instagram, go to tag settings. Tap tags, choose the audience you want to let tag you by one of these options – Everyone, people you follow, and no one.

mention someone on IG

To manage who can mention you, follow the same instruction, and go to mention settings.

Why should you tag on Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform with both regular users and marketers. Marketers, brands, and influencers also benefit from tagging on Instagram. A strategic plan for tagging on Instagram is vital to every business.

Account tags, product tags, and location tags should be carefully planned before posting on Instagram. No matter how demanding it seems, the impact of tagging on your business is far from being arguable.  

Here are some of the extraordinary advantages that tagging on Instagram offers to marketers.

  1. Tagging on Instagram increases the engagement
    As tagging sends a notification to others, they are directly led to your post. Then your post stands every chance of being liked, saved, commented, or shared.
  2. By tagging on Instagram, your posts gain more exposure
    Imagine your post shows up in your followers’ explore page and add up the number when your followers’ count reaches thousands and even millions. This also allows you to make your followers see your post whenever they click on the section regarding your photos.
  3. Tagging on Instagram creates a community
    This gives people a reason to follow you. For example, tagging the place you had your lunch or where you last bought your cosmetics as an influencer will give people the right information they are looking for. Gradually, you will form a community with people interested in what you are promoting.
Tagging on Instagram creates a community

How many people can you tag on Instagram?

So, after all, it is high time we answered the first question. Keep in mind that these numbers are there for a better experience of using a feature such as tagging on Instagram. You can tag up to 20 people on Instagram; 20 is a large number when it comes to checking who is tagged on a post. If the number rose to more than 20, then it would be almost unlikely for anyone to check who is tagged on a post.

However, if you wish to increase the number, you can use other feathers like mentioning people in the caption. In this case, you will be able to have more than 20 names. You can also mention up to 10 people in your stories on Instagram.

Another feature you can use is hashtags. Hashtags could be very useful these days as they will show up on your feed once they are popular, even if you do not follow the account that posts using the hashtag.


The Instagram tagging feature is an effective tool for all users, whether you are a regular user or a marketer. You can share your best moments with people you care about or promote a brand and plan your business strategy by tagging on Instagram.

However, this only works well for you if you keep it as relevant to your posts as you can. Above all else, remember that using it too much could lessen the powerful impact you could have on your audience.

So, how will you use tagging on Instagram from this day on?   

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