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Nowadays, Instagram is playing an important role in marketing. Actually, most of the big brandings and agencies you know may have an account on this social media website to make it easy for customers to follow their new products and services. However, because of existing thousands of successful accounts in each type of marketing businesses, it has become unbelievably hard to get a great number of audiences and attractions on Instagram. But there are some tools such as the influencer box that will help you to grow on Instagram. In this article, we want to explain what is the influencer box and how can it be used to increase the engagement rate. So, keep on reading to run your business account in the best way possible. 


If we want to know what is an influencer box, it is better to know who is an influencer first! Actually, an influencer on a social media website is a person who has more than thousands of followers and has a major impact on the way people think about different things. For instance, influencers can influence people to buy clothes from a specific brand, change their lifestyle, or even their perspective on life! So, in brief, an influencer is a person who changes people’s minds. 

Now, let’s see what is an influencer box. In this era that most of the companies use social media websites to introduce their products and advertise their services, it may be hard to attract people. Hence, these companies will target influencers’ followers on social media networks. But what does it mean?
As mentioned above, influencers have lots of followers and impress people. So, companies develop relationships with some influencers to introduce their services to people all around the world. Therefore, an influencer box can be defined as a subscription-based service that connects specific brandings with some of the most related influencers in order to get more attractions and increase product sales. But how does it exactly work? Let’s find out!


Now, we want to know how to create an influencer box! Actually, to do so, you have to take some simple steps just as follows: 


First of all, you need to find an influencer that you think will advertise your products in the best way possible! What does it mean? Actually, if you look at some influencers’ pages on Instagram, you will recognize immediately that each influencer has a special group of followers. This means that influencers usually focus on a specific topic such as food or fashion and work on it. So, you have to find the potential influencers depending on the type of your business. 


Now, you have to contact the most potential influencers and ask them for a partnership. Undoubtedly, in this step, you have to offer something to the influencer. For instance, you can offer them to use your products for a specific time for free, or give them the price they ask. Actually, giving them the chance to use your products may be better because this is somehow a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. The amount of money you want to put on this step depends on so many factors such as the popularity of the influencer, the amount of benefit that you will receive after this partnership, and so many other factors. So, calculate everything to get the best results.


After contracting with the influencer, you have to choose the rewards you want to give to people who participated in your contest! Fortunately, here you have a various number of choices. You can reward people by giving them discount offers, coupons, or if your products are not too expensive, you can reward them by giving a free product. In addition, you can reward only a percentage of people who have participated. 


Now that you have chosen your rewards and the number of them, you have to define some rules and conditions to help people join your contest. Luckily, these contests can help you increase the number of followers, likes, and also comments. So, they will help you increase your Instagram engagement rate. But what can be the contest conditions? 

Actually, you have so many choices. But as an example, you can ask people to follow all the pages you have tagged on the photo, comment a hashtag and tag a specific number of people, and also like your post to join the box. After doing all these things, people will be joined to your influencer box and they will have the chance to win something. 


After taking all the steps above, you and your partners must post some announcements to inform people about the prizes, conditions and all the things we have talked about. 

However, doing all these things, finding the people that have observed all the requirements and also informing them about the prize winnings and other information may take a great deal of time and it will be hard if you have to check millions of people! So, in the following, we want to introduce an amazing tool that will help you to automate the process and get better results in a shorter time. 


As mentioned in the previous section, it takes a great deal of time to create and run influencer boxes on Instagram. Fortunately, there is a way to make all these things easier on Instagram. AiSchedul is an Instagram based platform that will let you schedule posts and stories, repost content, create all-in-one links and also create influencer box posts. But let’s see how it helps you and how it works. 


Actually, AiSchedul will help you with the 5th step in the steps we have mentioned above. Using this amazing tool, you can schedule posts that contain announcements, and automatically post them on all the accounts you want to share the post on simultaneously. 

Moreover, it creates the caption containing the conditions you want by just filling 3 boxes, so you don’t need to waste time on generating perfect captions. 

In addition, you can write a DM template on a specific box and automate the informing process. Meaning that when a person takes all the steps you have mentioned to join the contest and they have actually won the prize, AiSchedul will automatically send them a direct message that will inform you about the prize. But how to use these tools? Let’s find out!


To post and reward on Instagram automatically using AiSchedul, follow these steps:

Step 1) First of all, open the Post Reward tap on the AiSchedul website and click on “Try Free”. 

How to post and reward using a free app

Step 2) Then, enter your email address, set a password and hot the register button. If you already have an AiSchedul account, just skip this step and login to your account. 

free app to shcedule posts on instagram

Step 3) Now, add your Instagram account(s) to AiSchedul, and tap on the manage account button on the dashboard or tap on “Post & Reward” from the menu bar on the left side of the page. Note that you can add as many accounts as you want!

shcedule get reward

Step 4) After that, click on the “Schedule to Reward” button. 

schedule to reward influencer box

Step 5) Now, upload the photo(s) you want to share as the announcement. In addition, by filling in the boxes below the photo, you can define the rules to join the contest. Moreover, edit the DM that will be sent automatically to the participants. 

how to post on instagram

Step 6) Then, edit the caption, choose HashTags to be posted on the first comment, set the date and time and also choose the accounts you want to share the posts on. Now, just hit the “Schedule Post” button and sit and watch the process. 

That’s all! You have saved a great deal of time and all the things will be done automatically!


To sum it up, an influencer box is a way to help you grow your Instagram audiences and become successful in your business. However, creating, sharing, and also notifying people about the rewards and all other things need a lot of attention, patience and time. So, it is more beneficial to use tools like AiSchedul in order to automate the process and get better results. Hence, read the article carefully and give the AiSchedul post and reward tool a try for free.

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