Are you looking to use your hashtags for something that you sell or promote on Instagram, or are you randomly creating hashtags when you post? In this article, we are going to show you the top photography hashtags on Instagram and discuss how to create your unique hashtags on Instagram!

Here are the popular photography hashtags on Instagram:

Top 10 Photography Hashtags











Photography Hashtags

Other Popular Photography Hashtags

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So, what are hashtags? Why should you use them?

Hashtags are used to categorize contents, making the discovery of related content and insights easy to do. With hundreds of thousands of images being posted on social platforms daily, it can be hard to get your content out there to the people who need to see it, outside of your followers. Therefore, when hashtags are incorrectly used, people looking for new content have to dig through irrelevant miscategorized content to get to what they are looking for. You don’t want this bad user experience associated with your brand. That’s where hashtags come into play.

Photography Hashtags

Event hashtags

Creating a unique hashtag for an event is essential to connect all of your attendees. When coming up with a hashtag for your event, you want to make sure that it’s concise, easy to remember, and if it’s an annual event, you want to add the year. Be sure that you promote the hashtag before, during, even after the event to continue to promote the community around that event.

Social Media Marketing World is an example of an event that has the year. After it, it’s an annual event. Therefore, I typically start using that hashtag in my post two to three months before the event so that I show up in the hashtag hub. Plus, I’m able to connect with other attendees, other speakers, and other sponsors that are at the event.

Photography Hashtags

Coaching or service industry

Creating a hashtag for your service-based sector or if you’re a coach, keeps your community and your tribe together just like a hashtag does for a big event. This way, I can easily tap into that hashtag and be sure to connect with other community members. And they as a community can connect, make relationships, have collaborations, and ultimately do business amongst each other.

If you’re creating a hashtag for your community, you want to make sure that you follow that hashtag, so that it shows up in your news feed. And whenever anyone uses it, you can quickly and easily tap in and give your community members some love.

And if you’ve created your hashtag, you want to make sure that you promote it regularly. Put it in the signature of your email, and make sure that it’s on your slides if you do presentations. Also, let people know what that community hashtag is so that they know to use it to be part of that community.

Photography Hashtags

Product hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for a giveaway and make it clear how people should use it. Tell them to use it in their feed and their story if they want to enter the giveaway. Using unique hashtags is a great way to collect user-generated content. So, if you have a product, you want to create a hashtag around that product. In this case, you can tap into that and see what other people are posting, and potentially use their post in your feed and give them a shout out. It’s a win-win.

Photography Hashtags


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