Do you spend an excessive amount of time picking a new username only to grow forward within a week and start the entire process all over again?  In this post, we are going to discuss how to choose perfect Instagram usernames and how it actually can affect your future as well.


Make Instagram Usernames relevant to your niche


The first tip is to choose something that relates to your topic or your niche. It is vital to pick words that relate to the niche in your Instagram usernames.


This just makes it easier for people to recognize you and associate you with that certain niche.  For example, you have a username named “luxarywatches” and the page is completely about cooking. Obviously, that wouldn’t make sense and people wouldn’t click on your profile. Even though, if they liked cooking they wouldn’t know that your page is about cooking.


Therefore, make it something relatable. In other words, it should be something people can recognize just from looking at your user name.  Also, if you want to keep your page on, try and keep it as professional as you can. Use words that actually mean something to you behind the title, not just having random words that don’t mean anything to you.


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Keep Instagram Usernames Simple


Avoid using too many extra characters. Try and keep it as simple as you can. Try not to use too many numbers, dots, and dashes. Unfortunately, many of the Instagram usernames already taken on the internet. This is something that I discovered when creating my own Instagram usernames but you’ve just got to get out there and be as creative as you can.


If you need to put a number or an underscore in your Instagram usernames, make it the best version which is out there.  Make your Instagram usernames the top of that list, so that everybody knows that you are that username. So, try to think as much outside of the box as you can.  In this case, people will have a look at your page because of the creative Instagram usernames that you’ve come up with.



Be unique when creating Instagram Usernames


One of your main goals on Instagram is to achieve the attention of other clients and gain engagement with your own account. In order to reach this, you need to have a unique username. When you leave a comment on another Instagram user post who has lots of followers. And your comment is interesting or very long.


So,  it will get in the eye of other Instagrammers in the comment section. If you have a unique username which gets other users to come and see your Instagram account,  you have won the game. You can always change your Instagram username. However, it is necessary to do your research before starting a new Instagram account. Therefore, you can choose the best unique username ever.


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Surf the Net


A good place to find really good examples of usernames is Tumblr. As weird as that sounds, Tumblr is a special creative place. A lot of weird things go on there but the Instagram usernames are really creative and unique. So, take a look through Tumblr and see anything that you like. And, combine different usernames together because some of those Instagram usernames are really unique and can draw attention due to their uniqueness.


Another place to get inspiration from is blog names and blog websites. Many blogs have turned into full-time businesses. You can see from their names that they’ve kept it simple and created something bigger than just starting out what they initially set out to do.  Some of the best Instagram usernames are they are really simple and effective and something that can be transformed into a business aim one day. So, think quite far into the future.


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In conclusion, it’s not about the username that you have. It’s about the username that you make.  It should be very profound. It doesn’t matter what it is at the beginning. You just need to work hard and believe in it. If so, you will get there eventually. Just need to have patience.

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