Hottest Instagram models of 2023

  • Hottest Instagram models of 2021

Fashion is the third popular hashtag on Instagram, and fashion-forward influencers have spared no efforts to step into the spotlight. From striving to have the astonishing physique to being a social activist with style and elegance of a role model.

Here we have listed the hottest Instagram models in 2021 that you should be interested to put on your screen.

  1. Michelle Lou Lan

Does yoga appeal to you? Then you are not alone, being among a huge group of fans with the same feeling, and Michelle Lou Lan, the founder of MeshYoga and inventor of a yoga-based fitness tool known as DaBo, has inspired many girls all over the globe through her burning passion.

Following an injury back in 2006, a tragedy that forced her to quit her career as a professional ballerina, Michelle devoted herself to learn different styles of yoga.

Today, aside from her great aesthetic appeal, she is the one who can sparkle motivation for spreading the word: “giving up is not an option.”

2. Jenna Jenovich

If fashion, beauty, physical health and travel is among your leisure pursuits, you must be curious to at least have a sideways glance at Jenna Jenovich’s, Instagram profile.

She was entitled the world’s sexiest woman in 2013, and today, in 2021, her Instagram has over 2.1 million followers.

“cover model turned digital creator.” She has written in her Instagram bio. She is a creative director and a professional wedding planner as well.

3. Valentina Vignali

It may sound a bit eccentric to spend your whole life between high-heels and basketball courts, but who does not like an eccentric celebrity with an undeniable beauty and brilliant career in sports?

Many young girls look up to Valentina Vignali, for being able to keep the balance between her soft appearance when she poses for incredibly hot photos and her tough character when she is in attack mode, fighting for her basketball team.

She also played some roles in Italian TV series and films, and has become one the most clicked girls on web.  

4. Mara Teigen

The requirements to get into the world of modeling are very hard, yet Mara Teigen, made the cut even at a young age.

She first began modeling in 2013, and soon rose to fame. She featured in Glosses by Kylie Jenner which drew more attention to her.

Beauty and fame have eased the way to make her one the most important beauty Instagram influencers.

5. Emily Garcia

a toned face, blue eyes and a really sexy butt, what else does a girl need to perfect her sex appeal?

Emily Garcia, the winner of several beauty competitions, has them all at once.

The Brazilian model and digital influencer, currently has over 8 million followers on Instagram with a high engagement rate in any posts she shares.

6. Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel, is probably the most beloved sweetheart on Instagram with over 15 million followers.

She was among the annual poll of 100 sexiest women in the world for 5 non-consecutive years, and won the Revolve’s woman of the year award in 2019.

However, it is not only her beauty that makes her dear to everyone’s heart, but her character as an active philanthropist has created a wholesome public image. She has founded two philanthropies, one named Tropic of C, which aims to raise the mothers’ awareness of natural beauty and the other one named mothers2mothers which tries to deliver hope, health and an HIV-free future for women, children and families in 10 African countries.

7.  Arianny Celeste      

The Latin American UFC ring girl, model, judge of a beauty contest, TV show co-host, actress and entrepreneur, Arianny Celeste, is just adorable for her 3.2 million Instagram followers in every photo of herself she shares even as a pregnant mum or with her newly born baby.   

She has founded the girlfriend box, an online business to sell pre-scheduled jewelry gift boxes for every special occasion.   

8. Cindy Prado

Cindy Prado, is one of the hottest models and bloggers on Instagram. She is a lover of bikini, café, pasta and wine. Her Instagram follower count reaches over 1.8 million.

9. Danielle Knudson

The beautiful model Danielle Knudson, was born on July 17, 1989, in Canada. The beauty queen is 1 meter and 79 centimeters. She has posed and walked the runway for many popular brands.

10. Demi RoseMawby

Demi RoseMawby, presents herself as the ambassador of kindness and places her focus on the idea of inner beauty and the idea of accepting your looks.Her beauty is one of a kind, and few people would argue the fact that she is one of the most gorgeous models on Instagram.   

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