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The Ultimate Instagram Likes App of 2019 –

AiGrow and its powerful team with the help of their intelligent growth engine are the best Instagram likes app on the market providing you with real engagement. Firstly, go to their home page and click  “Free Trial.” AiGrow offers a five-day free trial account, and you can benefit every feature of AiGrow to increase your Instagram likes.

By inserting your “name,” “email,” and “password,” you can sign up for a free account in AiGrow.

get more likes on Instagram


After signing up in AiGrow, you are ready to grow! In the dashboard, add your Instagram account. Now you can see the GROWTH ENGINE tab.

get more likes on Instagram

Scroll down to set your desired configuration. Below, is where you can insert all of the hashtags, locations, or even specific accounts you want the growth team to focus on for you to get more followers and likes! The AI tool will even suggest the best tags and locations for you to use with a single search query for what it is you’re looking for.

Instagram likes app

Now, sign up to their VIP 500 or VIP 1000 and have a personal account manager grow your account providing you with:

  • Dedicated Account Manager; 30-60 hours/month 
  • AI-Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research 
  • Manual Growth Activities – Follows, Unfollows, Liking. 
  • 500-1000 Follower Growth / Month Guaranteed 
  • Schedule Content – Unlimited 
  • Automated DMs – Unlimited 
  • Priority 24×7 Support

With 500-1000 followers per month and manual growth activities like likes and comments. Now, you’re sure to get more likes on your posts that are REAL engagement (none of those crappy bots that do nothing positive for your account) and even grow it your account exponentially.


The best likes feature is yet to come, continue reading and we will show you!

Instagram Likes App’s BEST Likes Feature!

Another way that you can benefit from this Instagram likes app is by joining into engagement groups. AiGrow provides this feature too. According to your activity field, you can join groups and use the benefits of them.

instagram likes app

What is an Engagement Group?

An engagement group is basically just a group of like-minded people are agree to engage with each other’s content by giving likes and comments to their posts. They usually get together in a group chat via the direct message function within the social media platform and are often made up of influencers within a specific niche.

Because the social media platform restricts the direct message group conversation to a certain number of users, many influencers will migrate to the global messaging app Telegram.

In these Telegram engagement groups, users will share their recent posts within the group chat with the expectation that all users within the group will begin liking and commenting on the post within a certain amount of time.

The Main Idea

The idea behind these Instagram and Telegram groups is that members will quickly increase engagement on their content, which will boost their posts higher up on the feed.

Typically, these Telegram groups will be specific to a certain target market or niche. This way, the brands all share the same target audience and increase visibility to the right users.

Some Instagram engagement groups are pretty exclusive, but others are fairly easy to join. If you’re interested in beating the algorithm, joining like-minded people, and increasing your likes and followers, then join the Instagram pod movement that is currently sweeping through the social media marketing industry.

Join Engagement Groups!


AiGrow’s Engagement Group EASY Setup Guide

AiGrow‘s new engagement groups let you engage more frequently with your people in your niche. Although Telegram is now an essential tool in order to use our engagement groups.

If you spontaneously upload a post to Instagram through your phone and not AiGrow’s scheduler, you now have a way to still get your engagement from your engagement groups.

AiGrow’s telegram engagement group is one of the best tools provided by AiGrow to get likes, comments, saves and shares from your engagement groups. You can start getting engagement from this amazing Instagram likes app very quickly.

First, you need to download the Telegram app for your device. You can either download it from the store (App Store for ios or Play Store for Android) or the Telegram website.

telegram group aigrow

Next, you need to choose your country and enter your phone number.  In a few seconds, you will receive a 5 digit code. Once you enter it, you will log in to your Telegram account.

When you are in Telegram, type AiGrow in the search bar on the top and press Enter. You will see it on the first result.

telegram group join

Now, you are in the chatbot. You can start sharing your posts to get engagement. To get it started, tap Start on the bottom. Then, you need to tap “Submit Instagram URL”.

instagram likes app

While your Telegram is open, go to your Instagram. Open the post you want to get engagement for. Just tap the three dots on the right corner and hit Copy Link.

instagram likes app

After that, switch back to Telegram and paste your link in the chatbot. That’s it. You have successfully requested for Instagram engagement from AiGrow autopods you have joined in. Now, you should wait to see the results.

instagram likes app

After that, switch back to Telegram and paste your link in the chatbot. That’s it. You have successfully requested for Instagram engagement from AiGrow autopods you have joined in. Now, you should wait to see the results.

Remember you have to join AiGrow engagement pods before working with Telegram bot. Also, if you don’t want to use Telegram, you can automatically receive engagement on your posts by using the scheduler feature provided by AiGrow.

Join Engagement Groups!


The most important thing about AiGrow’s bot is the fact that the likes and comments you receive through AiGrow Telegram groups are real, from real people and real accounts. This is not the same as buying followers or likes from fake accounts. Most of the groups on telegram consist of human participation and human engagement.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the VIP packages of AiGrow and their engagement groups make AiGrow the best Instagram likes app of 2019. There are so many possibilities to get likes and followers with this app that it’s well worth the investment. Experience more likes, more comments, and more growth with AiGrow


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