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What are Instagram Growth Services?

Instagram growth services are third-party apps that engage from your Instagram account on your behalf. They follow other accounts, comment, and like to boost your account’s presence on the platform. The purpose is to like-follow-comment from your account so others like-follow-comment on your account.

If you had used the Instagram growth service before you may have noticed that most of them are not working anymore or they work with a slow rate, The reason is the Instagram new algorithm and only the services can survive that can upgrade their platform according to the Instagram new updates.

One of the Instagram growth services and maybe the best one that is still working properly is AiGrow.

These days that the other growth services are struggling to survive, AiGrow has been adding new features and services to their platform.

We firmly believe that they are the only platform that works in 2019 and evidence shows that they will stay unrivalled in the future.

Let’s look at the new features that claim our statements which made them unique.

AiGrow’s New Manual VIP Instagram Growth Service

If you run a business on Instagram or have to manage multiple accounts or you haven’t enough experience in running an Instagram account to get the best results, you definitely need a manager for running your accounts. We should accept this reality that running and boost our Instagram account is not as easy as before. The Instagram growth algorithm is changing repeatedly and we need someone to be able to cope with the new algorithms and lead our accounts in the best way.

This is what AiGrow does with providing these features they make you needless and free of being worried about your account issues and you can easily manage the rest of your business and leave your accounts to their Instagram experts.

You just need to select the VIP packages and then the manager will make a call and contact you to get and provide you with what you need and ask exactly. They guarantee all the services they have mentioned and you can contact your manager 24/7.


AiGrow’s New Engagement Groups (Telegram chatbot)

One of the most applicant features that make us use Instagram growth services is the Engagement groups. They have created automated Instagram engagement groups. With these automated pods, you no longer have to worry about long application processes or pods full of leechers.

They have provided you with over 200 active engagement groups and even you will be able to create the perfect engagement group and invite your friends from one easy-to-use dashboard. You only need to sign up to the platform here, add your Instagram account to the platform, join the engagement groups and upload and schedule your Instagram post from your desktop using AiGrow’s Instagram Scheduler, and sit back and watch as all members of your pods begin automatically Liking and commenting on your posts.

Join Engagement Groups!

1. Sign up to the platform and get 3-free trial days

instagram growth service

2. Add your Instagram account to the platform for free

3. Join the engagement groups related to your niche

instagram growth service

4. Schedule your posts through the scheduler

And now, they have made the process even easier with AiGrow’s Telegram chatbot. Through the Telegram chatbot which has been provided by AiGrow you just need to join the engagement groups on their platform and then submit your post URL on Telegram chatbot and sit back and wait for the engagements on your posts. This will be the most convenient method for getting organic engagements that we have observed so far, that’s so cool.

Here’s how:

1. Download Telegram from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone), or use the desktop version of Telegram.

2. Search for and join the AiGrow Telegram chatbot.

instagram growth service

3. Copy the link of the post you want to receive the engagement and paste the link into the AiGrow Telegram chatbot.

That’s it! After submitting the link in the chatbot, you just have to wait until members of your engagement groups automatically begin engaging with your shared post.

And remember, you can also receive engagement from all of your engagement groups through the regular way of scheduling your posts with AiGrow’s Scheduler.

If you are interested to know more about this feature you can give this article a read: AiGrow engagement


AiGrow doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to what they offer – they are, quite simply, an Instagram growth service that helps you automate your Instagram engagement so that you can get your profile off the ground quicker. They have a chatbox located in the bottom right-hand corner so that you can ask any questions you may have initially, and they have a three-day trial that you can use to check out what their services do as well.

As well as smart scheduling, AiGrow also offers streamlined engagement groups and an intelligent growth engine that can boost your engagement to the next level. They even have a personalized direct marketing feature that allows you to connect with your audience even more intimately. So, it is safe to say AiGrow is simply the only growth Instagram service that works properly in 2019.

If you want to grow your IG account the right way you can signup here.

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