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The Best Instagram Comments App of 2019

Are you considering increasing your Instagram engagement using comments? In this case, you better read this article carefully. We’re going to introduce you to The #1 Instagram Comments App of 2019: AiGrow.

Gaining enough likes and comments on Instagram can guarantee your success in this popular social media. But how you can be sure you win this competition where there are more than 500 million weekly active users? Luckily, there are some really effective ways and one of them is using Instagram comments apps.

AiGrow is an Instagram marketing app that helps you step-by-step to build a formidable engagement on Instagram. The best part is, these engagements are from real users. Also, you will see the positive result, immediately after using this platform.


You may already know this, and as mentioned above, comments are one of the most vital factors to determine the engagement rate of an Instagram account. The rule is simple: the more comments your feed gets, the more engagement rate it has. Use this formula to get the engagement rate:

(Number of likes + Number of comments) ÷ Number of followers

You can multiply the final decimal number to 100 to get the result in a percentage.

The Instagram algorithm is indeed a little bit something of a mystery. But we can always be sure about one thing: likes and comments are dispensable players of Instagram engagement. So, why not invest in them?

You cannot expect to comment to just come to you. You have to interact with other users, especially the ones that have similar interests as you do. You may run an Instagram contest or ask your followers to leave a comment. But the best and fastest way to achieve it is to use Instagram engage groups, aka pods.

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What are Instagram Engagement Pods?

Pods are communities where users from similar businesses or interests gather and help each other. When you join a pod, you and your team-mates constantly use likes, comments, shares, and saves to increase the level of your Instagram engagement in a two-way mutual way. But you have to make sure you use the best pods, right?


To fully enjoy using AiGrow services and tools, first, you have to create an account on their website.

Sing up by inserting your name, email, and password. Then, add your Instagram account(s), check the toolbar and click on PODs.

instagram comments app

In this part, you can discover and join many pods that you like (the first three starter pods are for free). There are four types of pods ion AiGrow:

1. Super Turbo (1000 < members),

2. Turbo (1000 < members < 500),

3. Rising (100 < members < 500),

4. Starter (members < 100).

Find the pods that are the best matches for you. There are different areas and categories, such as music, travel, business, fashion, and so on. You can click on each pot to read more about the group and their activity. To join some of these groups, you need admin approval, but most of them are pre-approved.

Tip: If you want to focus on gaining more comments, pay attention to the types of activities that are shown on the bottom and make sure comments are included.

instagram comments app

After joining your selected engagement groups, it’s time to open Telegram mobile app and search for AiGrow Chatbot. If you don’t have Telegram Messenger installed on your device, you can download it here.

Telegram is a cloud-based free messenger that allows you to create and join groups. When you open your Telegram, you must join AiGrow Chatbot to receive notifications from other members.

Now it’s time to test the pods! Go back to your AiGrow app and schedule a post. Remember, this is a mandatory step. If you skip this, you won’t be able to benefit other member’s help. So, write a nice caption, upload a high-quality photo, use relevant hashtags, and set a time and date to publish. As soon as your content publishes, all the members in the pod receive a notification. Within less than a few hours, your post gets more comments and engagement than ever!

One of the best things about the AiGrow Instagram comments app is that when you join a pod, you can rest assured that the members are active. Due to the weekly monitoring of pods by AiGrow, there are no leechers in these pods. As you may know, leechers are members who do not interact with others. So, in return, remember that you must be active too!


AiSchedul is an Instagram scheduler for your posts and stories HOWEVER, it is also an Instagram comments app that allows you to auto-response to comments made on your posts.

instagram comments app

This is awesome as it allows you to instantly respond without having to lift a finger. Let the tool respond for you allowing you to respond to comments quickly which is important to get more people to notice your post.

 Schedule Your Posts to Auto Respond

Final Word: by using Instagram marketing apps such as AiGrow, seize the great opportunity of improving your Instagram engagement and enjoy the instant result from day one.

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