Instagram could be all about the visuals. But, without a caption that is scroll-stopping, the engagement you get won’t be quite enough to your post. You require those comments and likes due to the Instagram algorithm. So, pause before you hit the post and use your creative copywriting skills. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to write good Instagram captions and how you can use those to generate more leads, more traffic and more engagement on your Instagram account.

Types of Instagram captions

When we talk about Instagram captions there are two different types: Short and long-term captions.

There’s a lot of value to be provided on Instagram and a lot of people like to only look at pictures. And there’s a huge percentage of people that only look at pictures or read only one or two sentences of an Instagram caption. But it has become increasingly more viable and optimal for you to use long term Instagram captions. Why?

It’s because Instagram captions give you a chance to not only give your brand voice but also connect with the individuals, and your community as well as provide copious amounts of value. There’s lots of stuff that you can draw away from a picture.  They always say a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Not only do you want to showcase a value within a picture but you also want to give the audience a little bit of a message or give them in the right direction to draw inclinations from your pictures. You should not go with the cliché (short terms) where it’s like:” This is cool” or “check this out”!

Why you should utilize the caption on your Instagram posts

Instagram captions

Instagram captions are a chance for you to explain your brand, connect with your community, and build those relationships and emotional bonds that people are looking for on Instagram. You want to create a strong community where but a strong relationship between follower and account owner. That is what generates good leads and traffic.

Also, how you’re going to grow fast on Instagram is creating those personal connections that many people are just leaving out to the wind. They’re just leaving short Instagram captions on there. I personally don’t believe in short Instagram captions. If I get lazy I might leave a short caption on there! But most of the time on my Instagram account I definitely go long-term because long-term is all the value provided.

People on Instagram are looking for the value they want accounts that are going to help them in some way or provide a good theme that they’re going to follow.  Take Gary Vaynerchuk for example. He’s consistently putting out long term content on YouTube.

Motivational quotes are good but always leave at least like 2-4 sentences. It just gives a little bit of drive and pumps into your community. You want to really motivate them and give them something to look forward.

Crucial tips

There are some important things you should consider to make your Instagram captions better in the eyes of your audience.

Instagram captions

1) Call-To-Action (CTA)

CTAs are a great way for you to increase traffic, engagement, and overall reach. Because when you give the audience something to do they feel like they are part of something. Drive engagement by including a call-to-action. Ask viewers to double tap if they agree, tag a friend, or comment.

For example, include a “click the link in our bio” CTA. Use strong action verbs to encourage a response from viewers. That gives your post more reach, more traffic and it gives a better chance of going viral.

2) Briefness

Instagram captions should be brief. While there’s a 2,200 character count limit, your viewers will need to click “more” to view anything after the first 125 characters. Make those first three to four lines count. Leave hashtags, mentions, and any extra information for the end.

On Instagram, you should adopt a lighthearted tone and avoid the hard sell. This is a platform where you can be clever, fun, and even a little silly.

3) Use emoji

One way to add some personality to your posts is to include emoji in your Instagram captions. It’s sometimes the only copy you need. Now, if puns and punchy one-liners don’t align with your brand’s voice, stick with a tone that’s relatable and consistent.

4) Add hashtags

Once you’ve perfected your caption, add relevant hashtags to get found in search – but no more than five unless you want to appear spammy.

5) Read it once before you share

Finally, always check for spelling and grammatical errors before you share. So before you upload your next Instagram-worthy image, spend a few minutes writing and revising a compelling caption. Your followers will be sure to reward you with likes and comments.

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