Why use an Instagram Business Profile?


You’re probably wondering why you should be using an Instagram business profile. With over 1 billion active users and 500 million of them logging into Instagram daily, this is a great place to find your new audience. Instagram has become essentially an extension of Facebook. It has a lot of powerful tools that Facebook just doesn’t.


One of the cool things about Instagram is there are only 4 million business profiles on Instagram which makes only 0.4% of all Instagram accounts. This is a great news for your business because you’re going to be able to grow a community around all of those users whether they’re in your local area or whether you’re like a national brand or you’re just trying to really increase that reach to become an influencer in your space, Instagram is going to be the place to do that.


instagram business account


There are 3 reasons why you should have an Instagram business profile.


1. The advertising


You probably know Instagram is owned by Facebook. And when you advertise on Instagram you’re getting the benefit of using Facebook’s ad platform. Therefore, by having an Instagram business profile you just have more advertising options.  You can really target your Instagram post specifically to zip codes, interests, job titles and income.


Also, you can do Instagram ads right within Instagram stories. This is an emerging platform which is going to evolve and change. But those are really great opportunities to capture people in a little bit of a quieter environment. Instagram is still a little bit of a quieter environment compared to Facebook.


instagram business account


2. The analytics (statistics)


When you have an Instagram business profile with Instagram there is some great analytics that you can see similar to Facebook Insights for their business pages.  So, you can see each day of the week, which days are better for posting. Also, what peaks and valleys you might have in terms of when’s the best time of data post.


Furthermore, you can get some great statistics on your Instagram stories. In other words, you’ll discover who saw your stories, how many of use you’re getting. So, you can really start making some intelligent decisions if you’re using an Instagram business profile.  You can figure out what type of content is really resonating with your audience.


instagram business account


3. Ease of contact


In the past, if you just have an Instagram personal profile you could throw up a link or you could put your email. But there really wasn’t like one button for someone to contact you and that one button is a big game-changer. So if you have an Instagram business profile you can have a simple button that allows people to either go to your website, to call you or to email you.


Imagine when you’re doing your Instagram content if you have an audience that tends to speak to you on the phone or contacts you through email.  It’s much easier to call to action that says just email me, or click this button. Plus, it’s much more effective especially anything about how to use Instagram to generate leads for your business.


instagram business account


How to create an Instagram Business Profile


The first thing you will need to do is just create a general account using a mobile device. Unfortunately, you can’t set it up on a desktop you’ll need access to a cell phone. And you can’t have more than five accounts on the same phone. If you’ve already reached that limit you’ll either have to log in two of them on your phone or you’ll have to put a new device.


First, click on your profile. You may see a notification. Next, go ahead and then switch to an Instagram business profile.





Now, hit continue. It’s going to show you all the new features you will have. Then, it’s going to ask you to connect to your Facebook page.



I recommend doing this just make sure that you’re logged into the correct Facebook account on your mobile device. Click continue. It’s going to show all the pages you have access to. Scroll down until you find the right one at the bottom and hit next. You will need to enter your email. Go ahead and delete what’s there and put in a good email.



Once you’re ready to go ahead and click done and you’re all set. That’s all you need to do to create an Instagram business profile.





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