There’s a cool feature on Instagram that not everyone knows about. It’s apart of the Instagram Stories feature. We’re talking about Instagram broadcast!

It’s super cool and can be super effective for connecting with your followers and increasing engagement.

So how does an Instagram Broadcast work?

An Instagram broadcast is simply a feature that allows users to stream video on their stories in real time. When activated, followers looking at their stories page will see your profile picture highlighted by a ring that indicates you’re currently sending a live broadcast.

There are lots of cool things you can do with this.

First: how do you send an Instagram broadcast?

Start by getting ready. Pick your time and place (unless you want it to be something really spontaneous), and figure out what you want to talk about or do. Announcing things beforehand – or even announcing a few times – can be good. Followers who really like your content will be able to tune in if they know when you Instagram broadcast will happen.

You can find the button to start a Live video by selecting the camera icon or swiping right while on your own feed.

Then, go!

And, what to do during your broadcast?

instagram broadcast

Remember that you can save replays of your video to Instagram stories. So you want to do something that’s worth looking at more than once.

There are also cool features that allow you not only to broadcast live but also engage live with your followers and the people tuning in. You can comment and talk with your followers as they comment and like your broadcast, and create a real-time dialogue that will make them feel like you’re a real, authentic person – something that will reinforce their appreciation for your content.

You can also pick out and then pin comments from your followers to the top of the video. That will make those followers feel super special – and it will also transform your Instagram broadcast into a bit of a game.

And if any of your followers ask some good questions, they can be an awesome thing to pin on the top of the video. Create dialogue, get people talking, and engage with your followers based on the things they’re interested in. Awesome, right?

Just a note: it’s also possible to disable comments or to block certain content if you prefer.

All in all, sending a broadcast on Instagram can be an excellent way to engage with your followers. Just remember to pair it with a steady stream of content.

And remember to keep it within your niche

instagram broadcast

Some broadcasts are fun or cute but don’t really fall within the content niche that draws people to your Instagram in the first place.

Personality is important, and people often want to connect with you. But if your Instagram is about fashion and style for modern city-dwellers, an Instagram broadcast from your rural retreat might only have limited novelty value. Your followers would probably get much more excited about a live broadcast from a fashion show or other event.

This article about some ground rules and essential tips about marketing for Instagram influencers provides some good guidelines to shape your broadcast. It’s about getting likes, but a lot of it applies to make good content, too.

One more thing not to be forgotten: time of day.


Drunken late-night ramblings about fashion aren’t going to get much engagement for two reasons. 1) No one cares about your drunken ramblings and 2) there are way fewer people on Instagram in the wee hours than there are at peak hours.

So, skip the boring content, and make sure to broadcast at a time when people are paying attention and are likely to be scanning their stories and see that you’re broadcasting live. There’s no sense in broadcasting unless people are likely to stumble across your live feed, after all.

One last tip: check out, an Instagram engagement bot that provides a variety of tools for influencers. One of the cool things it allows you to do is create engagement groups – or pods, as some call them. These are groups of like-minded influencers working within a particular niche that engage with each other’s content.

Join Engagement Groups!

Ten people from your pod watching your Instagram broadcast is a great place to start, after all.

And, most importantly: have fun with it!

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