“Do you have any questions for us?” Faced with this question in a job interview, you’ll ask a few things. One of them – especially in the first round – will probably not be: “How much do you pay?” That’s usually not too tactful. Money discussions come later. But a question regarding influencer salary can come up much sooner.

You probably have researched on Glassdoor and through other avenues to get a sense of how much you’ll be earning, of course.

When it comes to working online on your own terms, things are a bit different. In this world, your research about how much you’ll earn doesn’t need to wait. And it’s a question well-worth asking when it comes to being an Instagram influencer.

How much will I earn? What’s the Instagram influencer salary anyways?

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We’ve all heard of big dogs and the incredible amount they’re earning. Rachel Brathen has said she commands $25,000 a post. Woah. That’s a lot of money.

And unfortunately, that’s probably not how much everyone can expect to make, just like everyone can’t expect to wind up as CEO with the largest cut of everyone in the company.

But – there is a pretty penny to be made if you work hard, work right, and are persistent.

An influencer salary might look something like this:

Once you reach 15,000 followers, you can command somewhere between $60 and $700 a post. That’s a big range, but it comes from the big range in niches and industries that exist on Instagram.

Food and beverage are at the low end of things. At 10,000 followers, you can expect around $30 a post. Moving upwards from there, fitness snags you somewhere around $150. Then things like high fashion, makeup, and travel bring multiple hundreds.

There’s a catch – those more luxurious, higher-paying niches also demand more followers to start producing money for influencers. When it comes to travel, 15,000 means you’re still a small fry. 70,000 followers is a more attractive number to a luxury hotel. For the high-paying industries like cosmetics, travel, and jewelry, 40,000-80,000 followers are where offers from brands will become a possibility.

OK, lots of information. Long story short: a hundred a post once you reach 20,000 followers is a reasonable amount to shoot for, and more for a campaign, if you’re in food, fitness, or casual fashion and style. $400 a post is to be expected for 70,000 followers if you’re in makeup, travel, or high fashion.

Invest Time


Getting there will mean a considerable investment in time, and maybe in money, depending on the niche you’re working in and how many things you need to buy. Makeup isn’t free, after all, and travel definitely isn’t either.

That being said, gifts and goodies can be a big part of your road to building up an influencer salary paid in cold, hard cash. The cash might be the end goal, but free makeup to make the road a bit smoother is pretty awesome.

And the other thing that makes it a bit complicated to predict an influencer’s salary is that the number of followers, brands you’ll be working with, and other factors will be in constant change. Once you reach 15,000 followers, you won’t want to stop, after all. You’ll want to keep going. And once you make it there, reaching 20,000 followers won’t happen overnight, but it will be much more of a straight shot than 0 to 1000 followers was.

So, how much will you get paid if you become an influencer on Instagram?

It depends on your industry, but rather than give a fixed number, we’ll say it like this. If you reach 15,000 followers and follow your momentum, your influencer salary will be something that continuously grows.

Getting there, on the other hand, will require a lot of work.

Here are a few tools that will help you make things easier.

You should also check out aigrow.me. It’s an engagement booster that works by automating various aspects of the Instagram process – like scheduled posts, automated responses to followers, and stuff like that. Getting to 20,000 followers can be a lot of work. Devoting it to your creativity and making great content is much better than spending all your time responding to people and getting to your phone to post at the right time.

And, don’t forget: even the highest-paid of influencers started out with zero followers. You’ll make it!

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