When you set out to become a brand ambassador for your favorite firm, the first thing you have to do is check that they hire social media influencers in the first place.

More often than not, you will find that you are hired by an influencer marketing agency rather than by the brand directly.

Big brands use these agencies as a sort of go-between to ensure they are able to distance themselves quickly from any influencers gone-bad (think how quickly “House of Cards” dropped Spacey…)

What you may want to know is what agencies are hiring Instagram Influencers for social media marketing purposes, and what the best ones are, exactly. So read on to find out more as we indulge in another episode of getting our clients the best information.

What Exactly Is An Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency?

An influencer marketing agency is a firm hired by companies to supply them with the power of reach through Social Media Marketing.

As the digital age progresses and more and more people spend time communicating through Social Media sites, so too does the need for corporations to extend their reach into those sites and place a few ads.

In the past few years we have discovered that using people that are popular on these sites to engage with the brand makes a huge difference to sales.

Influencer Marketing Agencies specifically hire talent from Social Media sites then match this talent to the brands that hire them.

So who are the biggest Influencer Marketing Agency names on Insta? Let’s find out. Although if you do want to know more about what constitutes Influencer Marketing and why we need it, you can check out this article.

Influencer Marketing Agencies Hiring Instagram Influencers Right Now!

influencer marketing agency

Those we know are hiring right now include just about every name in the industry, but let’s look at some we can name:

  1. August United – an influencer marketing agency that believes people-centric marketing is the way forward in digital advertising. So far the data seems to agree with them – and so do we!
  2. IMA – The Influencer Marketing Agency is a straight business. They are the most likely to have you fully engaged in a particular brand than other agencies but the rewards of this can be huge. They are a European agency, helping influencers across the pond.
  3. Mediakix – if you happen to be fresh out of school and looking to make a name for yourself online then Mediakix are the agency most likely to hire you. They want trendsetters, so if you are one, go for it!
  4. Open Influence – one of Forbes 30 under 30 and a name to watch out for, Open influence have a steadily growing client base and their fingers on the point with the youth markets.
  5. Socially Powerful – a business-driven influencer marketing agency determined to give impeccable service to both brand and influencer. We don’t have favorites but their website is pretty impressive.
  6. Viral Nation – a talent pool who say they are the biggest in the business. We don’t have numbers to back it up but we are also not challenging that statement. Viral Nation are well worth looking up and cover Snapchat and YouTube, among others, as well.

AI Grow – Helping you Reach Those Agency Expectations

Of course, agencies will only hire you as an Instagram Influencer if they think you don’t have the following.

Check out how we can help you achieve your Instagram Influencer dreams by heading on over to AI Grow by clicking the button below for free follower growth!


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