In order to grow on Instagram, accounts need consistent engagement. Lots of likes, comments, saves, and shares are essential if you want to make it to the featured page. Once you’re on the featured page, many more Instagram users are highly likely to see your post(s) and that in turn grows your account – more users are likely to follow you and engage with your other content, even view your stories!

instagram engagement

Instagram growth is a long-tail game, and you never want to pay for likes and Instagram comments. It doesn’t benefit your account to have robots engagement because they won’t interact with any of your posts in the future. It’s a waste of money and doesn’t help your account grow.

There are many ways in which accounts can get more Instagram engagement, so we are going to show you the most effective ways in order to get more in order to grow your account!

7 ESSENTIAL Boost Instagram Engagement for Account Growth

Tip #1 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Use Instagram Stories Every Day!

instagram engagement

Stories can keep your content at the top of everyone’s feed if you’re regularly posting them. It’s a great way to propel your account to new eyeballs and keep your current users engaged. In addition, many users prefer to look at stories more than their feed. Including hashtags and mentioning other accounts in your stories can get your more followers, which in turn, gets you more engagement on your current and future posts!

A great way to ensure you are on top of your stories game is with this amazing story and feed scheduler tool!

Once you’ve signed up to the platform, just connect your Instagram account, and begin scheduling for your feed and/or story instantly!

Click “Schedule Story” below

instagram engagement

Now, refer to the image below! You now have the ability to upload an image, add text, paint, filters, links, and edit your story just like how you would on the Instagram native app. The only difference here is, you can schedule at any time and post across multiple accounts! This saves you time and also keeps your content calendar on track with posting at times that are the most effective for your account.

Instagram stories scheduler

Schedule Your Posts & Stories Now


Tip #2 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Use Video Feature More!

Did you know, Instagram videos actually get the most engagement? Users watch these videos and are more likely to engage because they are locked into what they are watching. Videos are the best shareable content on Instagram, this is why they get the most eyeballs, likes, saves, and shares!

Leveraging videos once a week can really boost your account to unbelievable measures. Create high-quality and unique content that users will want to share and come back to.

Videos on the feed are perfect for:

  • Tutorials
  • Product announcements
  • Major brand campaigns
  • Anything you want people to come back to and share

If you know anything about business, you know customer retention is incredibly important for the high maintenance and longevity of a business. Basically, you’re creating Instagram user retention when you create these videos. So, invest time and effort into them if you want more engagement and more growth for your account. We can’t stress how enough how important this is.

Tip #3 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Use Engagement Groups in the Right Way

Yes, yes, we know there’s a lot of negative stigmas around engagement groups, but if you use them the right way, they can really help your account. If you don’t know what engagement groups are, they are a group of Instagram users who come together, either in a Whatsapp group or in an¬†engagement group platform and they engagement on everyone’s posts!

It’s simple, the user drops their post link in the group, and everyone in the engagement group is expected to like and comment on the post. Now, if you have let’s say, 50-100 people, doing that for within the space of an hour, Instagram’s algorithm will want to promote your post to the featured page, which is ultimately where you want to get.

The Best Engagement Groups to Use

AiGrow has powerful engagement groups, some with over 2000 members! What’s great about them is that AiGrow removes leachers who join these groups and don’t engage with other members. In turn, you’ll always have active members providing lots of engagements for your posts.

Instagram engagement groups

The platform uses a Telegram’s chatbot to consolidate users into a group where they drop their URL link and all engagement group members are requested to like and comment on your post. These users can even follow you if they like your content enough, therefore, growing your account even further – 2 birds, 1 stone!

Join Engagement Groups


Tip #4 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Post the Right Number of Times

As a head start, posting once per week isn’t going to cut it… so if that’s what you’re doing, you really need to ramp up your content on a daily basis to see any form of strong engagement on a consistent basis.

On the other hand, it’s easy to get caught in the trap of posting a lot per day because social media is so engaging. But, what you’ll find is less engagement and quite possibly, unfollows if you oversaturate your followers feed with 7-10 posts per day.

If you want the best engagement on your posts, drop content on your followers’ feed 2-4 times per day at peak times.

Schedule Your Posts Now


Doing so will see your followers happy with a healthy amount of content, engage with content (if it’s quality), and

Tip #5 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Optimize Your Posts with Long-Tail Hashtags & Locations

Having a strong hashtag strategy is essential for the best possible engagement on your posts. The more visibility on the hashtag, the better.

It’s going to be very difficult to become noticed on hashtags that have a lot of posts if you aren’t the biggest account.

Refer to the image below, there are many hashtags related to dogs, but they are very difficult to become noticed because each one has over a million posts on it.

BEST PRACTICE HERE: Target hashtags that have less than 10000 posts if you’re really trying to grow your account and don’t have many followers. And use a healthy amount of hashtags (5-10) that are RELEVANT to your post. Ensure these hashtags are on the medium to long-tail side. Hashtags like #dogs, #doglover, etc are oversaturated.

Be unique with your hashtags. Something like #destructivedogs for dogs that destroy the furniture is a great hashtag. It has 6,600 posts, is relevant, and is unique.

All of this hyper-targeted hashtag search can be done once you sign up with this tool!


TIP #6 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Look At Your Instagram Analytics

All of the above tips have a numeric measurable element to them.

Ensuring your strategies are having a positive impact on your account is essential to ensure your account grows and maintains growth.

You want to see the positive or negative impact your strategies are having on your account and there’s no better way to monitor that than by using the Instagrams Analytics tool.

Your Content’s Affect on Activity

It’s important to get a strong understanding of how your content affects your statistics week by week. See how your content has effected your profile visits, website clicks, reach, impressions, total likes, and more.

instagram analytics

If your activity has decreased or increased over a week, have a look at the content you posted for that week, day by day and gain an understanding of what type of content is working and what isn’t. Whatever is work, you obviously want to do more of, which in turn will see your engagement rise and stay at a stronger level for a consistent timeframe.

See Who Your Audience Is

It’s best to know you’re providing content for so you can cater to them better. If your audience is predominantly located in Australia, well you need to know that so you can post your content at the right time so they are more likely to see it.

instagram insight audience

Things like the age range and gender of your audience play an important role when you’re using Instagram to market a product or service. There is a lot of deep insights in terms of your audience here that should be consistently leveraged. If you’re providing more relevant content to the audience, then it’s more likely you’ll receive better engagement on a consistent basis.


TIP #7 to Increase Instagram Engagement: Reply to Comments as Soon as Possible

Doing so has so many benefits for your account. The quicker you reply to your comments, the more engagement on your post in a shorter period of time.

Conversations in the comments section will spark more engagement meaning Instagram is more likely to promote your content on the featured page. Why? Because all of that commenting in a short period of time tells the Instagram algorithm your content is interesting; users are consistently engaging with it.

This auto commenting tool allows automatic reply to anyone who makes a comment on your post.

Schedule a post with the tool and set up auto-response comments adding as many as you want and any type of comment you’d like the tool to respond with.

If you’re busy and don’t have time to comment, this allows you to hassle-free!

Setup Auto Commenting Now


Final Words

Implement all of these tips into your content and promise you, you’ll get incredible Instagram engagement immediately and for the foreseeable future. Try the tools we’ve recommended as well. They will make things easier!


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