While it’s easy to save an Instagram photo, saving videos from Instagram may be a bit more difficult. (but not impossible!)

If you want to save Instagram videos that you post, that’s a piece of cake. But when you want to save videos posted by others, what should you do?

As you know, there are some apps which allow you to download and save Instagram videos to your device.  In this article, we will show you how to save Instagram videos within some different methods.

So, how to save Instagram videos?

Save your Instagram videos with the app


  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Open the video you wish to save.
  3. Tap the menu button, located in the right corner, shown by three dots.
  4. When the pop-up menu appears, tap Save. It allows you to retrieve the complete contents of the video file.

save instagram videos


Tap the “Save” button in the bottom left.

save instagram videos

Note: If your Story contains multiple photos and videos, you can choose Save Story to save the whole thing as a video.

Save Instagram videos with the browser

While it can be beneficial to save your own Instagram videos, many users oftentimes need to download videos shared by other users. This can be done with the web-based version of Instagram on PC and MAC. Although, Android and iOS users have to use the app.

1) Open your web browser (preferably Google Chrome) and go to the page where the video is.

2) Right click on on the page, then click Inspect (Ctrl+shif+I).

3) You’ll see a new pane showing the source code on the page. Press the Ctrl F keys.

save instagram videos

4) Type mp4 on the search field and press Enter.

5) The search content will be highlighted.

6) Copy the first URL containing “mp4”.

7) Paste the copied URL into the address bar.

8) The video will load. Now, you are able to download the video into your computer.

Save Instagram videos with the website


save instagram videos


PostGraber is a great tool for downloading multiple photos or videos from a single Instagram post. It is not much is different from other websites. Just copy the link of the Instagram post into PostGraber, and press Enter.  The media will start downloading.


Savefromweb gives you the chance to download videos off Instagram. Besides, you can download photos, profile pictures, and stories. All you need to do is to copy the URL and paste it into the website and press download.


save instagram videos

VideoProc is a professional video editor. It lets you edit, convert, resize and adjust 4K UHD videos, DVDs and music at a fully accelerated speed. Also, you can easily download online videos, music, playlists & channels from 1000+ UGC websites like Instagram.

Save Instagram videos with the app


save instagram videos

Repost does more than just reposting the video. It saves them as well. Click the tab on the upper right corner that says ‘repost “copy link”’, it will ask you to open Instagram. Once opened, you can simply copy the link of the video you want to save. You will have the option of reposting or saving to your camera roll. It will take seconds to download and save to your phone.


save instagram videos

InstaSave is a great mobile app to download Instagram videos. When you open Instagram, tap the three dots on the top right the video you’d like to save. Then, select the Copy URL and open InstaSave. The video will be listed in your feed. Tap the Save button. You can download for both Android and IOS for free.

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