Do you know the differences between fake and real Instagram followers? Do you know why having real Followers is necessary? Read this article to know everything about how to organically grow your Instagram account.

Fake Instagram followers are accounts with fake people, often created by bots that churn out hundreds or thousands of spam accounts. Some Instagram users choose these followers to increase their follower count because of low cost.

While it may seem appealing to increase your following on Instagram with little effort drastically, it’s ultimately a bad idea. Fake followers won’t like or engage meaningfully with your posts, hurting your overall engagement. Engagement is a factor in the Instagram algorithm, which can affect how people see your posts.

If you want to increase your engagement on Instagram, you have to grow your account with real and original users. In this article, we will show you how to grow your Instagram with simple tips organically.


Promote your Instagram account 

how to organically grow your Instagram

If you own an account in other social media such as Twitter, SnapChat, IMO, Tumblr and Facebook, it is a significant opportunity to promote your Instagram account organically on your other owned channels. Think specifically about other visual channels such as Tumblr, or those with the potential to reach a large audience, such as Facebook. 

Create a hashtag strategy

how to organically grow your Instagram
Instagram hashtags are a powerful tool used by marketing agencies, but how do you organically grow your Instagram by using hashtags? Find out the most used hashtags by your audience. There is no need to fill all 30 hashtags that Instagram allows, use the best hashtags and pay attention so that your hashtags match with your post’s content – your target users will find you easily if you use the right hashtags.

Like, comment and follow other users similar to your account and niche

Spend some hours in the day liking other people’s posts. There’s nothing wrong with liking, commenting on and following accounts relevant to your own to get some exposure. Just be sure you’re doing this manually yourself (no bots), and of course, make an effort to be genuine, interesting and never spammy!

It is necessary you don’t just engage with your followers. Engage with the entire community around your niche. Post on other people’s posts within your sector or industry and better yet, try to make friends of influencers.

Posting thoughtful comments on other people’s posts can help get you noticed not only by the person posting but their followers too!

Tag key accounts on your photos and add a location

how to organically grow your Instagram

Did you know that adding the location to your posts can help you get noticed? Tagging well-known places will help you to grow your Instagram organically. For example, say that you own jewelry crafting business and that you sell your wares in different stores across the country. If you share a photo of a product available in a given store or region, it can help people who are interested in that establishment find you.

how to organically grow your Instagram

Also, you can tag up to 20 accounts on a photo. But don’t try to tag all 20. Find key accounts in your niche and tag them on your photos for a chance to be noticed and featured on their accounts.

Use Instagram stories

how to organically grow your Instagram

Instagram Stories are rapidly growing in popularity, to over 400 million daily users. Many users even report they love watching stories more than the endless “scroll” of their feed. Get creative with your stories. Ask questions. Use polls, quirky GIFs, and music. Play with filters and Boomerangs. This is a fantastic way to start getting comfortable on video and connect with your followers in an even more profound way.

Also, tag key people in your Insta Stories. Instagram has made it super easy to re-share Insta Stories. When you share an Insta Story that you think is relevant to someone else, tag that someone.

Use big accounts to feature yourself

how to organically grow your Instagram


Don’t know how to grow your Instagram by using big accounts organically? No problem, just read below.

At first, you need good photos on your Instagram account. Then: 

  • Make a list of big Instagram accounts in your niche that feature other people’s content
  • Make them notice you: use their branded hashtag and tag them in the caption. Double-check that you’ve spelled everything correctly!


Have a plan for yourself

If you want to know how to grow your Instagram organically, you have to know your audience and have an exciting plan and strategy to attract them. Come up with a good plan that suits your niche and stick to it. If you don’t plan and you post everything at once, you’ll run out of content, and that sure isn’t going to bring you new followers!

We really hope this section of the article is useful for you. Here is a summary of our tips on how to organically grow your Instagram:

  • Promote your Instagram account 
  • Create your hashtag strategy
  • Like, Comment and Follow other users similar to your account and niche
  • Tag key accounts on your photos and add location
  • Use Instagram stories
  • Use big accounts to feature yourself
  • Have a plan for yourself


AiGrow: a useful tool for growing your Instagram account

 At the end of this article, we introduce to you a handy tool that helps you to increase your Instagram account engagement organically and fast. AiGrow is an easy-to-use platform with lots and lots of features, including Scheduling Posts and Stories, Engagement Groups, DMs and Growth Engine (automatic Follows-Unfollows-Likes and Comments). All of these features are available for AiGrow users’ free trial. To check out these features, click the button below!


AiGrow’s Growth Engine

This is an excellent feature for AiGrow. Have you ever heard of the Follow Unfollow, Follow for Follow, and Like for Like strategies? This tool is based on these strategies. You will Like and Follow other people, and they will visit your profile, and if they are interested, they may engage with you. 

AiGrow uses your account to automatically like, follow, unfollow, comment, and DM on real channels to drive organic traffic back to your account. This way, instead of purchasing lots of followers who don’t necessarily fit your target – which is really important if you run a small business or brand – you’re gaining exactly the kinds of new followers you need for your account. The positive from this is that these followers are more likely to interact with you on a consistent basis.

AiGrow’s Growth Engine has multiple options. You can change the speed of activity or change the number of Likes, Follows, and Unfollows per day. Note that AiGrow will not exceed the Instagram limit for Likes, Follow, and Unfollow. The maximum speed of this engine is the same as the limitation of the IG platform.  


With AiGrow, you can target your growth activity based on:

  • Hashtags
  • Locations
  • Influencer Relations
  • Lists of Usernames


You can also target other activities, such as DMs, based on:

  • Hashtags
  • Locations
  • Influencer Relations
  • Lists of Usernames
  • New Followers
  • Current Followers


Furthermore, you can select a category that you think best fits your business. We’ll use this information to improve your targeting.


You need to give a little hint to start the engine. This little hint could be a hashtag, a username or a list of usernames. The more suggestions you give AiGrow, the more specific will be the Likes and Comments.


Growth Stats

With AiGrow’s Growth Stats, you can track your growth daily, weekly, monthly. It shows your account statistics, including Follows, Unfollows, Comments, Likes, DMs. Your performance may fluctuate based on various factors, including targeting and growth speed settings.


Schedule your Posts and Stories via AiGrow

AiGrow has a powerful tool for scheduling posts and Stories. What does scheduling mean? Well, let’s say you are going to go on holiday for one week. Abandoning an IG page for one week might be very harmful, because your Followers may forget you and your content. So you need to schedule your posts and Stories


AiGrow also has a tool for helping you schedule your posts and Stories. Go to your dashboard and click on the “Schedule Posts” tab. Then start uploading your content by dragging your images/videos. Insert a caption and set a time and date. 


AiGrow also has a tool for searching hashtags. You enter a hashtag, and AiGrow will find the relevant hashtags and their popularity. Moreover, because you can add multiple accounts to your AiGrow’s dashboard, you can schedule a post on various pages. 


AiGrow’s Engagement Groups

One of the best ways to grow an organic page with engaging Followers is Engagement Groups or Pods. AiGrow has one of the best collections of Engagement Groups with thousands of users in them. These groups are automatic, and you only need to join them. 


Join Engagement Groups!


As soon as you publish your posts, the members of these groups will Like and Comment on your posts. So, you are going to have a much higher engagement rate. If you are interested to know more about these groups, click here.

Want to know how to get more comments on Instagram? Click here.



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