As you may know, going viral on Instagram can help a lot in terms of being seen by Instagram users other than your current followers and increase your engagement, hence the number of your followers.

But the main concern remains: how to go viral on Instagram.

In this article, you’re about to discover ways to get on the trending page (also known as the explore page). Therefore, you can beat the Instagram explore page algorithm to be able to go viral on Instagram.

Also, you will learn how it’s possible to do them all with AiGrow fast.

How to Go Viral on Instagram – Golden Rule

To begin with, you have to understand the”Golden Rule.” It’s seen by many as the main rule due to the great potential of you showing up on the explore page on Instagram.

This rule is to get liked, commented, and to get an influencer Instagram account with a lot of followers to participate with your post.

For example, there is an account with 20, 000 followers that comments on your post saying, “I love this post! Your page is awesome! 👍”

It means that your post is getting noticed by top accounts, therefore, the quality of your post is good.

Having your posts commented on or liked by someone important to the Instagram community means a great deal to solve the Instagram algorithm.

It increases the chances of your post going viral on Instagram.

Others ways on how to go viral on Instagram

Increase your engagement

Just getting a considerable amount of engagement on your posts will help you with going viral on Instagram.

The psychology on social media indicates that generally when a post has many likes, others will like to do – follow the leader.

There are three different ways to reach this goal:

  1. Like
  2. Comment
  3. Tag a friend

go viral on instagram

  • Use the right hashtags

Using the best hashtags can really aid with going viral on Instagram as hashtags are crucial to getting noticed.

Utilize them, do not overdo them.

20 hashtags added as a comment on your post is the perfect number and way to add hashtags without your post caption looking spammy.

  • Use Engagement pods

AiGrow has come up with a magnificent tool called engagement groups (PODs).

engagement pods

Engagement pods are groups of Instagram users who comment, like, and literally engage with every post.

This means you will receive organic engagement from your followers.

The higher the number of users you engage with, the more chance you have to go viral are defined by the Instagram research page algorithm.

Instagram will mark your posts, which could result in more leads followers, giving you a greater chance to go viral on Instagram.

You can find a link to free engagement pods right below!

Join Engagement Groups!
  • Post at the right time

The next thing you can do is share your content at the time when your audience is super active.

The best time to post on Instagram

If you go to analytics on Instagram or your own outline (the page where you can see all of your statistics), you could see what time is the best for your posts.

You can schedule your posts with AiGrow. You can simply set the date and the time at the”Schedule Posts” tab.

AiGrow - schedule post date and time

Get Real Followers

DO NOT BUY FAKE LIKES OR FOLLOWERS! Those things do not work with the Instagram “explore page” algorithm.

And they not only don’t make your posts go viral on Instagram but they will get your Instagram account shadowbanned.

AiGrow is perfect growth tool to extend your Instagram account, gaining REAL customers for your business.

AiGrow - Follower Growth

You can automatically like, follow, DM and comment on Instagram users in order to navigate them to your account.

You can start developing your business and getting more REAL followers.

Tag Instagram users

Another thing I suggest to go viral on Instagram is using the “@” sign and tag Instagram users based on the Instagram algorithm.

You can certainly do it by simply clicking on the photo.

go viral on instagram

When you go to your Instagram dashboard on AiGrow, visit the”Scheduled Posts” tab. Press the “Scheduled Posts” button.

Then, upload your photo and tag people too.


The last thing to get attention is merely to say: “Hey, you should check my other posts out!”

This is one method that works as it is a call to action for them to look at your content.

go viral on instagram

In the case of going viral on Instagram, always relying on users to find your content organically may not be the best.

This is why we suggest tagging users with a lot of followers so that you gain more engagement to beat the “explore page” algorithm and go viral on Instagram.


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