You’ve probably heard of verification and have seen accounts with that blue check next to their name. Maybe you’ve wondered how it is and how you can get one too. In this article, we are going to discuss how to get verified on Instagram.

How to get verified on Instagram

First off, what is verification?

This feature is generally reserved for public figures, celebrities, well-known brands, or brands that have the possibility of being impersonated.

Instagram gives them out to say that this is the official account of this company or person, but verification carries so much more authority than that.

When someone sees that you have a blue check next to your name, they automatically think that you have some credibility (that you’re well-known). If you have a business or a brand, this is great for that.

How to get verified on the Instagram application

The first thing that you have to do is apply for verification through the Instagram mobile app. This is a feature that is newly released in the last year. They didn’t allow you to request confirmation in the past. They would give it to the person that they thought deserved it. But now we play a role in this, and we can request to get verified on Instagram.

So to do that go ahead and open up your Instagram profile, then you need to tap the three line icon on the top right (also known as the hamburger icon) and then hit the Settings button at the bottom of the screen.  From there you’re going to scroll down until you see request verification and go ahead and tap that.

how to get verified on Instagram


On this page, you should read some information about verification and then you’re going to have to fill out a couple of questions.


The first question is what your username is.  It’s already plugged in there, but you want to put in the Instagram username that you want to get verified on Instagram.

Full name

Next, you’re going to put in your full name. This should be your full name that would appear on a governor piece of ID. You’re going to have to send that to them as well. Therefore, you want to make sure that it matches.

Known as

Then there’s a section to put what you are known as. So, if you have a brand name or a company name, you can put that there, or you can input your full name again.


After that, you’re going to choose a category. Pick the category that aligns the most with your brand.


Finally, you’re going to have to attach a picture of your photo ID.  This needs to be your driver’s license, your passport or your nationality card; anything that is distributed to you by the government. Make sure you take a really clear photo of that so that they can read your name and see your picture.

how to get verified on Instagram

At that point, you have to press send, and then you’ve completed the easiest step of applying for verification.

Requirements to get verified on Instagram

Instagram has a very strict set of rules that they look for when someone applies, and if you don’t meet the criteria, then you will be denied.

If you get denied, you will receive a notification in your Instagram notification tabs saying that you didn’t meet the criteria, you’ve been denied, and you can reapply every 30 days. If you are approved, you will receive a notification in your notification tab as well that says that you’ve been approved and now you have a check mark on your account.


The first thing that Instagram looks for is authenticity in your account. They want your account to be a real person, a real business or an entity. Generally, they won’t approve of generic accounts like a fan account for a celebrity. So you need to make sure that the account that you’re trying to get verified on Instagram is authentic.


Instagram wants to make sure that the content that you’re uploading is your content and you own the rights to it.

Generally, they don’t verify reposting accounts or feature accounts. So, you need to make sure that you are meeting all of these criteria as best as you can. However, it does seem like they let a few accounts slip through the cracks and get lucky.


Your account must be a public account to get verified on Instagram. If you have a private account, you will not be approved. To be perfect, you have to have a filled out bio including a profile picture and a few posts on your account.  You need to have everything filled out in the edit your profile section.


Your account needs to be striking. In other words, you, your company or your business entity must be written about in well-known publications, either in print or on the internet. I think the Internet is probably weighing higher here because it’s unlikely someone’s going to be searching through magazines for your name.

You need to meet all the criteria, and you need to be applying via the mobile app. You should do it regularly. If you get denied, you can do it again, but you have to wait 30 days. Make sure that you are working towards building up those criteria that they want because that’s what’s going to give you the best option to get verified on Instagram


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