It’s a frustrating feeling when you can’t get likes for your Instagram profile. You’ve been creating great content, posting regularly, staying consistent, and working hard to carve out your unique style and message for your Instagram profile. You’ve even assembled a hefty number of followers, if you say so yourself.

But you’re not getting as many likes as you’d, well, like.

How can that be? So many people following you, and not many of them seem to want to like your posts!

Likes have become especially critical nowadays since Instagram changed the ordering of posts from chronological to engagement-based. That means the top posts are the ones that get the most engagement. And likes are the cornerstone of engagement.

So, how to get more likes on Instagram:

There are a few things everyone should be doing, and all the time.

One of them is looking at what works. That means analyzing past posts to see what your followers responded well to, and gave lots of likes to. Think about what defines those posts – and look at what people commented on – and then integrate those elements into future content.

Calls to action are another reliable method. Some people don’t like directly asking for likes – get clever about it. ‘Like if you agree’, and ‘Like if you want one of these’ – stuff like that.

Another trick is timing. Data shows that posts between 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM receive the most likes. Scheduling your posts to fall in that window is a super simple, yet super effective way to generate more likes.

And one very important one: go like other people’s stuff!

Liking a hundred other users posts can bring you back a considerable number of likes – and some followers, too. It connects you with similar influencers, brings new content and ideas into your world, and can boost your engagement – as well as overall engagement with your niche in general. Plus: it’s part of the whole fun of Instagram. An Instagram profile with lots of likes, lots of followers, and lots of engagement all around is a great place to be.





















A method we’ve discovered works great is an Instagram bot. Our favourite is called

AiGrow – Landing Page

It works like this: it’s a service that combines many of the most important functions that help to get likes for Instagram. You get timed posts, direct messaging, and can automate responses when people like and comment on your Instagram profile. There’s one other great feature: Instagram engagement groups.

Instagram engagement groups – also known as Instagram pods – are groups of users working within a niche that band together to comment, like, and engage with every post that each member of the group puts out. They’re hot right now, and they work – and you can make your own. AIGrow has a super cool feature where you can seek other users and create Instagram engagement groups.

We’ve used AiGrow to great success with our various Instagram accounts, and recommend you go check it out!

In any case, everyone wants more likes on their Instagram posts. Not everyone is willing to do the work to make it happen.

And among those willing to do the work, not everyone is willing to think hard about how not only to create engagement-worthy content but also about how to maximize that content.

We hope these tricks will help you do just that!

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