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Through engagement. Lots and lots of engagement. The idea is that the more liking and commenting there is on a particular post, the more popular it will be among a larger audience. And since Instagram wants its users to spend as much time as possible on their platform, they’re only going to share content that is likely to keep its users engaged for longer periods of time.

The only way they determine this is through likes, comments, and shares.

As you can imagine, influencers and small businesses have found a way around this tricky algorithm. Many users are now increasing their engagement rate through Instagram pods, or Instagram engagement groups.

While Instagram pods are a bit controversial, the fact remains that they simply work. If you’d like to increase your engagement rate on Instagram, and therefore increase your reach to your target audience, then read through this post. Here, you will learn everything you need to get started with Instagram pods.

What is an Engagement Group?

An Instagram pod is basically just a group of like-minded people are agree to engage with each other’s content by giving likes and comments to their posts. They usually get together in a group chat via the direct message function within the social media platform and are often made up of influencers within a specific niche.

Because the social media platform restricts the direct message group conversation to a certain number of users, many influencers will migrate to the global messaging app Telegram.

In these Telegram engagement groups, users will share their recent posts within the group chat with the expectation that all users within the group will begin liking and commenting on the post within a certain amount of time.

The idea behind these Instagram and Telegram groups is that members will quickly increase engagement on their content, which will boost their posts higher up on the feed.

Typically, these Telegram groups will be specific to a certain target market or niche. This way, the brands all share the same target audience and increase visibility to the right users.

Some Instagram engagement groups are pretty exclusive, but others are fairly easy to join. If you’re interested in beating the algorithm, joining like-minded people, and increasing your likes and followers, then join the Instagram pod movement that is currently sweeping through the social media marketing industry.AiGrow - Engagement Groups

AiGrow‘s new engagement groups let you engage more frequently with your people in your niche. Although Telegram is now an essential tool in order to use our engagement groups.

If you spontaneously upload a post to Instagram through your phone and not AiGrow’s scheduler, you now have a way to still get your engagement from your engagement groups.

Join Engagement Groups!


Download Telegram from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone), or use the desktop version of Telegram.



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