Whether you want to kick off a new business on Instagram or promote your old page, engagement with your followers is one of the primary keys to success in this popular social media. Luckily, there are smart tools such as AiGrow, which enables you to keep a long-term engagement with your audience.



But what does engagement really mean on Instagram? There is a simple way to find out: for each post, add the number of likes and comments together and then divide them by the number of followers. The number you get is the engagement rate. You can multiply it to 100 to get the percentage. But, how do you get more engagement on Instagram?

We all agree on one thing: the more likes and comments a post gets, the more popular it becomes. But that was a long time ago when only likes and comments were vital for each page’s survival. With Instagram’s new tools being introduced with every update and its mysterious dynamic algorithm, now, there are many more ways to boost engagement: stories, IGTV, new filters, and so on.

But if you aren’t fast, you may fall behind in the competition. So, here are some quick actions you can take to get more engagement on Instagram quickly!


5 Tips to Get More Engagement on Instagram

1- Join Engagement Groups Related to Your Business

This world is a give-and-take place, right? So, why not try that on Instagram? Pods are engagement groups where you can find thousands of other users who want the same thing as you do. By joining pods related to your niche (like travel, food, music, …), you can get real likes, comments, saves, and shares from real users organically. Sound great?

You can find the most active pods on AiGrow. All you have to do is sign up on AiGrow, join the pods that you like, and then join AiGrow’s chatbots on Telegram mobile app to get notified by other members’ activities. The next step is to schedule your first post or story and just wait for others to engage in your published content.


How to Get More Engagement on Instagram

If you want to join these engagement pods, hit the button below!


Join Engagement Groups


2- Schedule Your Posts and Stories

To get your followers to know you, your account should be active, especially at the beginning. After all, you do not want to be out of their sight, out of their minds. One of the best ways to stay engaged with many audiences is to publish posts and stories regularly. Based on demographical information, pick the best time of the day to publish your content.


How to Get More Engagement on Instagram


Schedule your Instagram content by hitting the button below!


Schedule Your Posts & Stories Now

3- Send Personalized Direct Messages

It is nice to send a thank you message for your new audiences when they just start to follow you. It can also be a great way to gain their trust and loyalty. In return, they are more likely to get involved with your content and double click on your post to send that heart for you. Exactly what you have in mind, isn’t it? So, how you can send your thanks to hundreds of people without devoting much time? Well, there is a shortcut.



AiSchedul allows users to send automated direct messages to their current followers and any new followers.


Send Automated Custom DM's

4- Use Branded Hashtags

One of the other essential things that help you to increase the engagement on Instagram is hashtags. You should be aware of trend hashtags that can lead the users in your account. Using specific long-tailed hashtags is a great way to market your page, but make sure they are popular enough for Instagrammers to search.


How to Get More Engagement on Instagram


5- Create Fun in Stories

Using stories is a great way to get more engagement. With multiple filters, stickers, quizzes, polls, countdowns, chats, and other exciting features, stories becoming more and more popular with users. It only takes a few seconds to watch a story and no one mind briefly touching the screen to choose an item in a pool or tick an answer to your question. So, why not using it as a tool to get more engagement fast?



Surely, there are many ways to build a strong relationship with your followers. But if your time matters to you and you want to be a champion in this social war, there are much quicker ways to do that. That is why you better leave this vital work to experts.

With AiGrow, you can experience a smarter marketing and a faster engagement with your followers. It helps you to manage your Instagram growth in a smart and hassle-free way, using all the items mentioned above and even more. You can also go further and choose AiGrow VIP packages to enjoy more than 30 monthly hours of growth!

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