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How to Increase Engagement on Instagram Using This One Tool

With AiGrow and its powerful features, you will be able to concrete any rival in your niche. Stay with us and read the following to see how to increase engagement on Instagram using this useful tool.Get More Engagement Now

Isn’t it satisfying to see the interaction figures surge in your Instagram insight? Well, to see the engagement bars set off like a firework, you need to dedicate a great deal of time. But let’s face it, can you really be a full-time Instagrammer whole day and spend your precious time searching for potential followers, liking and leaving comments on their post so that they might return your favor? Of course not!

That’s why you should think of an effective and ultimate solution.

AiGrow helps you in many aspects of marketing your Instagram business. It’s an automatic, smart, and professional Instagram manager that will make your work a whole lot easier. All you have to do it add some basic information and it will increase your account engagement dramatically.

Here are some of the things that you can find in the AiGrow user-friendly dashboard that will help you to grow your engagement smoothly and constantly.



Sometimes it is hard to manage your account and send DMs to all your followers, especially when you are managing multiple accounts. With AiGrow Direct Massaging, you

can automatically send any messages that you want to your current followers, new followers, influencer followers, and even tags users.

The good thing about this smart method is, Instagram will not block you because of sending too many DMs; because AiGrow personalized DMs, and it won’t send a single message over and over. You can also write your own tailor-made notes.

how to increase engagement on instagram

Send Automated DMs NOW!


If you want to survive on Instagram, you need to regularly publish posts and stories in the most engaging times of the day. This process can be a little bit time-consuming. The majority of your followers might be most active at 3:00 a.m. of your local time.

how to increase engagement on instagram

Luckily, you can schedule and repost your content using AiGrow Scheduler. Write your

caption, add a nice photo, use filters, use hashtags, and then set a publish date. As a result, your posts and stories will be pop up at your audience’s feed at the best time, and they are more likely to engage with your content.

 Schedule Your Posts & Stories Now!


Pods are Instagram engagement groups where members are committed to engaging with each other. When you sign up on AiGrow, you can join different groups based on your niche. There are four types of AiGrow Fully Automated Engagement Groups according to their sizes (Starter, Raising, Turbo, and Super Turbo). Then you must join AiGrow’s Chatbot on Telegram mobile app. This is a mandatory step. After that, you must use AiGrow smart scheduler to set up posts and stories. This way, other group members will notify when your content going to be published.

how to increase engagement on instagram

You will receive notifications on your Telegram app about other members’ activities. The good thing about this method is that with the weekly monitoring, it ensures no leechers (people who use pods but do not interact) are in the pods. So remember, you have to be active to stay in and use pods. Also, to get a grasp on different types of pods, you can see Top 20 Instagram Engagement Groups of 2019.

Join Engagement Groups!


Using AiGrow smart engine, you can customize your preferred settings for your Instagram account to increase engagement. You can add up to 30 specific tags to your account on AiGrow to help your posts, and stories more easily are found.

Also, you can add locations that you would like to find followers from. This feature enables you to really focus on your selected destinations. The more location you add, the better result you get. So, try to add all the 20 possible items.

how to increase engagement on instagram

Another key feature in the AiGrow growth engine is adding influencer accounts. Try to add as many usernames that are similar to your business. These usernames better have a broad audience. AiGrow will use this data to find potential followers that are already interested in your niche. So, the chances of following your page by them are quite high. You can add up to 10 accounts in this part; so, try to pick wisely!

AiGrow follows a specific amount of accounts and then start to unfollow them. This way, your feed, and account will not turn into a mess. You can choose a value between 1-7500 accounts for each cycle. But the recommended value is 1000-1500.

Last but not least, you can choose which category your account falls in. This way, AiGrow can find better targets for you.

There are several offers but with the practical VIP option, you can enjoy even faster growth. Some of the VIP services are dedicated account manager, 30 hours/month, guaranteed 500 follower growth per month, unlimited schedule content and DMs, and priority support.

how to increase engagement on instagram

Being on top of the search result of Instagram and keep an engagement with your followers is no longer a dream. With AiGrow, you can increase your engagement on Instagram better and faster than ever.

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