Want people to leave more comments on your feed? Who doesn’t want that? Luckily, with the help of AiGrow tools, more comments are possible, faster than ever.

Get More Comments

Comments are one of the essential keys to engagement on Instagram and other social media. Based on Instagram’s algorithm for rating posts in users’ feed, the more likes and comments a post has, the more likely it pops up on followers’ feed.

That’s why when you open Instagram; you will see your friends’ posts and stories first. It isn’t that hard to like a post; it only takes a second and two tabs on the screen to make that sweet, good-looking heart appear. But comments? Not so much popular with followers; unless you know what to do to make them leave a comment.

As someone who creates content for Instagram, you should devote more time and energy to gaining comments. In this article, we’re going to tell you some easy tips so you can see how to get more comments on Instagram quickly.

1- Use Instagram Pods

Let’s go over the best option first. You want your content to be the first one on feeds, right? Why not use Instagram pods, which is a solid, effective solution? Instagram pods are groups of people who share mature goals and interests on Instagram. They all want to increase their Instagram engagement. Thus, they help each other to achieve that goal.

Instagram pods or Instagram engagement groups work this way: first, you find groups related to your niche. When a member publishes content on Instagram, the other members notify and support it by liking or leaving comments. This is an effective, two-way deal that works best for Instagrammers. But, there is a big BUT…

Leecher! These are people who don’t play in this game. So, how can you be sure using Instagram pods is 100% helping you? That’s simple: Use AiGrow AutoPods.

With AiGrow Pods and its weekly monitoring of groups, you can rest assured that no leecher ever disappoints you. The rule is simple: if you do not participate, there is no place for you in this pod.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram Quickly

The other great thing about AiGrow is that it gives you access to hundreds of different pods related to your business, categorized based on four sizes. Also, to use these services, you have to link your selected pods to AiGrow Bots on Telegram mobile app. Every time you schedule a feed or story, it alarms your group-mates to participate by, say, leaving a comment on your future content. This way, you can be sure that no one misses your content.

Join Engagement Groups

2- Choose Peak Posting Times

People will engage more with your Instagram page in internet rush hours. The chances are higher for receiving a comment during these times. On the other hand, posting a feed or story at the right time is one of the critical factors that Instagram uses to rank your content. So, do not underestimate this one.

Additionally, sometimes, your majority of followers are from locations that have a great deal of time difference with your local time. Should you wake up in the middle of the night and write your caption with half-opened eyes? No! With scheduling your feeds and stories using AiGrow Smart Scheduler, make sure that you won’t miss the opportunity to be in the spotlight of Instagram.

Schedule Your Posts & Stories Now

3- Publish Engaging Contents

One of the organic ways to increase receiving comments and eventually, overall engagement is publishing creative content. Pay attention to your caption, is it attractive enough? Did you use related emoji to make it eye-catching?

Also, a great way to produce engaging content is to ask questions. Whether in feed or story, you can always ask a question to persuade your followers to leave a comment.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram Quickly

In your stories, notify your followers about your new feed and ask them to leave a comment for you. This is a great way to get more comments on Instagram.

Moreover, you can make tons of creative content using your story. Tools like add a question, poll, relative hashtags, countdown, quiz, chat, and emoji slider are great helpers for increasing engagement with your audience.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram Quickly

4- Reply to Comments

When one of your followers leave a comment on your feed or reply to your story, don’t just hit the like button, answer them properly! This is a great opportunity to engage more with your followers and even made them loyal to your page. It shows you respect them and that their opinion is important to you.

You can also use a tool like AiSchedul and auto-respond to comments. Refer to the image below where you can easily assign auto comments to each post your schedule and every time someone comments, the AI will automatedly reply with one of the comments you’ve input into the auto-response comments section.

auto respond to comments

Auto Respond to Comments

Promoting a Q&A is another great way of gaining more comments. If you are running a business or even a personal page, it is no harm to asking your followers to leave their questions as a comment.

Piece of Advice: If you want to know Get More Comments on Instagram Quickly, better act like a pro and use practical tools such as AiGrow to see the result as soon as possible.

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How to Get More Comments on Instagram Quickly
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