Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform which launched in 2010. Instagram grew dramatically a few months after its launch with 500 million users daily.

It is one of the most social media giants which has more than 1 billion active users per month. 

A lot of users want to make themselves Instagram celebrities and to compete with the current Insta celebs. It seems Instagram is an excellent platform that accelerates them to reach their goals. There are some applications that help users to grow their Instagram account.

If you want to know how to get comments on Instagram to follow this article. 

If you want to know how to get comments on Instagram you need to follow these steps:

  • Public account

You need to make sure your Instagram account is publicly viewed. So, you must go to the settings gear icon on the Instagram account and switch off the private account.

  • Host a contest

An easy and fun way to get more comments is to host or run a contest. By this method, you can receive many comments and likes. In addition, you can ask famous people to join it.

  • Ask users to reply to your comments

When you post content on Instagram or post a story, You can ask people to join their friends and reply to comments. In stories you can use emojis, location or you can conduct a survey to increase your engagement. Ask people to reply and comment on it. 

  • Choose the best Hashtags on your posts

 If you use an appropriate hashtag for your post, it helps to discover easily. A post with at least one hashtag has the possibility that 12.6% more engagement with a case without a hashtag.  

 For example, if you post a picture of food, you can use #vegansofig, #superfoods, and #cleaneating. 

how to get comments on Instagram

In order to grow your Instagram, you need to get many comments and likes on your posts, maybe 1000 per day for each post. To get that many posts per day can be difficult, but be patient and follow this article to introduce you to some top apps to show you how to get comments on Instagram.

1) How to get comments on Instagram with AiGrow

AiGrow is an artificial intelligence platform that increases your Instagram account engagement. It helps users get more comments, likes, followers and also responds to people who comment on your post. Firstly, go to click “Free for Trial”. Insert your email and desired password to register. 

AiGrow offers a five-day free trial account and you can reap the benefits every feature to increase your Instagram account engagement. Also, you can schedule your Instagram posts and stories for days and months ahead. Not only do you have your Instagram account but also you can manage other Instagram accounts simultaneously. 

This is the number one platform to receive growth and also the most trusted.

AiGrow Trust Pilot Review

2) How to get comments on Instagram with IG Flash

how to get comments on Instagram

IG Flash is a mobile application that lets you increase your Insta followers. In addition, it automatically increases likes and comments for your post. Also, IG Flash is a manual tool that takes you significant time to grow your Instagram account. Moreover, it doesn’t support Instagram chat, it doesn’t cover many But IG Flash is a free app and available to download. In order to get more information about IG Flash, click here

3) How to get comments on Instagram with Real Comments Engagement for Instagram

Real Comments Engagement for Instagram is a mobile application which is capable to increase Instagram engagement by commenting on your post. This app is provided by AppGenre’s website. In addition, it supports the Android version above 16 and it can be downloaded here

4) How to get comments on Instagram with PLANN

how to get comments on Instagram

PLANN is a multi-award Instagram scheduling, strategy and analytics application. It can be downloaded and installed on mobile and tablet to grow your Instagram business. Also, PLANN offers different features to grow your Instagram account including their signature drop and drag interface, a marketing strategy planning tool, an Instagram analytics tab that you can spy on your competitors. In addition, it has the Instagram Hashtag Management system. For more information about PLANN click here

Do you need help to know how it is possible to grow your Instagram account?

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