When you think of a great Instagram, what comes to mind? Lots of followers, eye-catching content, and a great concept that ties everything together – classic hallmarks of an Instagram worth following and keeping an eye on. There’s one other element that’s just as important: Instagram comments. How to get more comments on Instagram is something many Instagrammers wants to know!

Open the posts on any of your favourite Instagram profiles – and on all of the most popular, most-followed, and fastest-growing Instagram accounts – and there will undoubtedly be lots of comments.

They’ll also be real comments: not spam, fake, or inauthentic. They’ll be comments from real followers and real people who dig the content and the stories – and actively engage with it.

So, it’s naturally an all-too-common question among Instagram influencers:

So, how does an influencer get more comments on Instagram posts?

There are a few things everyone should be doing.

One of them is asking questions – even asking for comments. Some people don’t like to ask for comments directly, but it can be effective. Better yet is asking your followers questions.

What do you think about this look? What’s your favourite place to travel? Do you prefer ___ or ___?

Stuff like that.

Another key one is engaging with your users. Respond to their comments, send them messages, and comment on their posts. Dialogue is a two-way tango, and more comments all around means more comments on your Instagram posts, too.

What other ways are there to get Instagram comments?


how to get comments on instagram


Instagram engagement groups are another great method. Also known as Instagram pods, these are groups of users producing similar content that band together and agree to comment and like all the posts everyone in the group creates. That means lots of real, authentic comments – which can also be the start of a snowball effect that draws in more and more followers, some of whom will contribute their own comments. And so on and so forth.

Another great way of getting more comments on Instagram is to use an Instagram bot.

Our favourite is aigrow.me.

They work like this: instead of paying to buy zombie followers that don’t engage with your content (that means: definitely no comments), Instagram bots combine a variety of different features to help maximize your content.

Think Instagram engagement groups, automated replies to comments and likes, timed posts, direct messaging.

Combined with great content and consistency, aigrow.me can bring your Instagram far, and help get you to a place where more and more comments and followers start to generate themselves.

After all, that’s the goal, right?

Keep on creating, everyone!

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