Brands always use clips and music videos to promote their services or products. For example, a famous actress wearing a specific shoe or using a particular perfume brand. As media began to evolve and new media such as social media began to replace traditional media, brands also took note and began to fine-tune their strategies for brand inclusion accordingly. In this post, we’re going to talk about how pro-Instagramers can get brand deals or sponsorships.

It is very common between Instagrammers that they wish to get brand deals and become a paid influencer. The popularity of Instagram may make you feel that this social media is too populated to make progress and get brand deals. But brands rapidly realize micro-influencers or ordinary people’s ability to promote their products.

Micro-influencers are an undeniable part of the influencer population of Instagram, typically described as having a low number of followers compared to the big ones. Because of their achievement in a niche, and for having an engaged audience, they hold the “influencer” identifier.


How to Get Brand Deals on Instagram

Influencers become popular because they are associated with something particular by followers. Influencers gain confidence from their audiences because they see them in this niche as tastemakers or ‘ specialists’. 

1. Determine your Niche

If you want to know how to get brand deals on Instagram, begin by distinguishing your private brand thoroughly, what it is, and what it includes. Branding has a lot to do with your general approach in addition to the sort of content you post. The contents of a successful influencer are distinct and unique.

Connecting your Instagram account and niche with online service can help you to increase your engagement. Designing a website is a good way to specify your brand and get more brand deals.


2. Share your Content Consistently

Brand Deals

If you’re excited about learning how to get brand deals on Instagram, you need to realize that your posting needs to have some degree of consistency to gain confidence with your followers. To obtain consistency, post at least one content every day, or multiple times, separated by a couple of hours to get the highest engagement and likes. You need to find out what’s appropriate for you and your followers. 


3. Recognize your Community

It’s essential to know your community to encourage a brand to work with you. If you know your audience, you can recognize properly which businesses and brands will be most successful in using you as their promoter. 

Begin by collecting the necessary information such as age, gender, and geographic place of your followers. Then determine the most popular posts from your feed and the best time for sharing your posts to get the maximum engagement from your audiences. This information will assist you in promoting yourself to get brand deals. Notice that If they work with you, brands want to understand who they can achieve. 


4. Increase your Engagement

Brand Deals

How to expand your following specifically depends on your business, your audience, and even your character. By doing some simple steps, you can get more followers on your Instagram account:


  • Use Hashtags

Hashtags help your content to be more accessible, so to grow your follower number, you need them. The maximum hashtags per post are 30, but you don’t need to use all of them. Just use relevant hashtags to your content. Before using a hashtag, verify that the hashtags you are using are not prohibited. Include a combination of branded as well as unbranded hashtags, but be aware not to use broad hashtags.

  • Tag Brands

If you have content with products from a brand you like, tag their Instagram page to make it accessible to their followers when they like your post. It attracts their interest in addition to that. 

  • Use Geotags

Using geotags is important too. Instagram provides geotags to attach to each post, showing physical locations connected with your post. This enables users interested in a location to see what has been posted about it by other people. If your pictures are impressive, people can look into your page and choose to follow you.

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