Brands are spending a lot of money on influencer marketing nowadays. And I don’t say that quietly. We’re talking about 15 billion dollars anticipated in the next five years. Instagram is now one of the most popular apps on the planet and a great platform to promote your business by becoming an Instagram influencer.

According to the 2018 Influencer Marketing Report, more than 60% of all marketing professionals have admitted to using social media influencers as part of their marketing strategies.

According to Forbes, brands spent almost $25,000 to $100,000 per campaign on influencers and this is projected to rise. Becoming an Instagram influencer has become the ultimate social media dream for most individuals. Although it looks easy, it involves a lot of hard work.

Read further to learn how to become an Instagram influencer and the best growth tool that will boost your IG account!

Here’s How-To Become an Instagram Influencer – 9 Easy Steps:

instagram influencer
  1. Find a niche
  2. Stay on top of relevant Instagram influencers
  3. Be updated on trends and changes
  4. Create constant and relevant content
  5. Be a guest, contribute!
  6. Engage regularly
  7. Join multiple influencer marketing platforms
  8. Use Instagram live
  9. Using tools will make your life easier!

Find a niche 

To become an Instagram influencer, you need to be a subject matter expert in your chosen field. Don’t just be a generalist. Be specific so that you will be the point person of individuals for the key categories in their life. The focus could be specific to a topic category such as fashion or more specific ones such as men’s street fashion or go to the platform route such as Instagram fashion blogger.

Start by researching on this specific category. Form your own ideas and opinions and dictate what’s normal versus following the trend. The most important step at this point is to establish what makes you different and why your voice needs to be heard.

find a niche

Stay on top of a relevant Instagram influencer

Establish relationships with another Instagram influencer or multiple, in your field. Collaborate with other Instagram influencer and create posts that highlight your relationship with them to equally promote the both of you. This will enlarge your network and enable you to reach another fan base. Don’t beat them, join them.

You may also want to take note about what it is these successful influencers are doing!

Be updated on trends and changes

People want to follow Instagram influencers who are on top of trends, insights and valuable information. Study news, other opinions, and features that are published or shared by people that are important in your field. Subscribe to topic and keyword alerts on Google Alerts and Social Mention. Be in the know of all platform changes and updates on your chosen social media platform. Changes in the algorithm and newly added features can drastically alter how your audience interacts with you.

Create constant and relevant content

Online silence is deafening and it won’t help you. Social media influencers, content creator, and key opinion leaders are popular because they make and share content that matters. The key thing is to stick to a schedule of regularly posting content that is interesting and compelling enough for your users to come back.

Your aim is to create new content at least once or twice a week. Create an editorial calendar and stick to it. Plan what you need to create in a span of three months. Schedule and release production schedules so that you will be on time. Use this editorial calendar wisely in designing your content buckets. By doing this, you can create a series of posts that your followers can subscribe to.

Be a guest, contribute!

Contribute content to other blogs or publications that matter. Being a guest contributor increases your reach, increases your traffic and builds your credibility. Look out for the most relevant sites and pages, coordinate for submission and get published. After being published, share it with your own audience as well.

Engage regularly

One of the most important steps is to engage your audience. Instagram influencer needs to regularly take part in relevant conversations. Answer questions on Quora, share ideas in Facebook groups, participate in talks and webinars. “Don’t just listen to the conversation, be a part of it.”

Comment and reply to your own followers and build your reputation and your relationship with them. Becoming an Instagram influencer is not an easy feat but it is doable. Your business or brand can employ Instagram influencer to grow and achieve your objectives.

Learn more about how to increase your Instagram engagement!

Join multiple influencer marketing platforms

More recently, influencer marketing platforms have become a hive of influencers searching for deals. Marketers love to access platforms like TapInfluence, WebFluential, BrandBacker, and Tagger to find influencers to promote their product and or service. Just opt-in, create and optimize your profile, and apply for opportunities or wait for marketers to contact you. Joining multiple platforms will increase your chances to find a deal or even multiple!

tapinfluence instagram influencer
TapInfluence Profile Card
tapinfluence instagram influencer
TapInfluence Profile Description

Use Instagram Live

Instagram Live broadcasting is a feature all influencers should be using. It allows you as an influencer to engage with your audience and build relationships. It’s a great tool to showcase products live to your fanbase and get them on board with any promotions you may run later in association with that brand. Instagram Live gives you a big advantage if used correctly.

instagram live

Using tools will make your life easier!

Tools like AiGrow gives you the opportunity to join over 300 Instagram engagement groups, accessing to different niches FOR FREE. All you need to do is go to your Instagram dashboard, join a group, upload a post with their FREE scheduler, and every member of your engagement group will automatically engage with your new post.

Instagram engagement pods

There you go! Follow all of these steps and I can assure you will become an Instagram Influencer earning a lot of extra income per month!

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