The way to get into modelling has changed, thanks to social media platforms. Before social media, models had to be picked up on the street or apply to agencies. Now, becoming a model has become easier with the use of Instagram. It is one of the largest social platforms, with many professional and aspiring models showcasing their skills. There are few niches when it comes to modelling on Instagram – you can become a fitness model, fashion model, and beauty model! In this article, we’re going to provide you with some critical tips on how to become a model using Instagram.


4 Tips on How to Become a Model

1. If you’re not already, become photogenic

If you want to become a model, you have to be comfortable in front of the camera. The best way to get comfortable is with practice! You can take selfie photos of yourself or hire a photographer to have a modelling session with you. That way, you learn how to pose, and you gain confidence in front of a camera.

how to become a model selfies

If you’re already photogenic, then you’re on the right track and should already be taking photos of yourself regularly.

The best thing to do is to find your best angle, develop a signature pose, wear unique and fashionable clothing. Remember, many people are on Instagram trying to become models, or already are. Be yourself and be unique!


2. Use Instagram and post content regularly

On your road to becoming a model, Instagram is going to be your best friend, your soul mate, your limb. If used correctly, Instagram can open up your world of opportunities to model fame.

how to become a model with Instagram

Many of the top modelling agencies like Lions NY or Ford Models, use Instagram to prospect up and coming models. This is why Instagram is your gateway to modelling fame.

The more followers you have from your modelling, the more agencies will notice you, and offer you a modelling contract!

Wolfie Cindy is a strong example of someone who started from the bottom and now is a top Instagram model with over 5.5million followers!


She started posting herself on IG and developed traction naturally with her beauty, style, comfort with the camera, and help from Justin Bieber – when he asked who she was on his account.

Also, make sure you target the right hashtags (include 4-6 in your post), post at PEAK times (the weekend), and post unique and engaging content, and you will grow organically!

If you don’t have many followers or are just looking to keep growing your followers, use a FREE tool like AiGrow. With a few simple automation steps, watch as the AiGrow grows your followers by following and unfollowing targeted users. Also, schedule your stories and posts, and the platform will post them for you!


3. Create a web portfolio with all your best photos

Under using Instagram, create a web portfolio of all your best modelling images and add that URL to your Instagram bio.

Doing so provides another platform for agencies to find more of your work and learn more about you (include an about me section).

Here is an excellent example of a web portfolio for models:

instagram model web portfolio

Kayla Ariane has included her best photos, a book me section, her social media links, and an about me section. She has included all of the essential elements of her web portfolio.

4. Beautiful models come in all shapes and sizes

There’s a misconception that you must be very in shape or slim to be a model. Remember that there is beauty in all shapes and sizes; many brands know this and are showcasing bigger women in their ads or are influencers for them.

Jada Sezer is the perfect example of a model on Instagram, who is plus-sized, curvy, and stunningly sexy and beautiful.


So remember that you don’t have to be slim or skinny and starve yourself to be considered beautiful in the modelling world. There are many colours, shapes, and sizes that model in the 21st century. You can do it!

That’s it! Just follow those 4 steps, and you’ll have everything you need to be a model on Instagram. Don’t be shy, harness your beauty, and do everything with confidence and a purpose, and you will shine!

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