So goes the adage: Know your audience – especially if you want to become a brand ambassador on Instagram.

This also applies to Instagram. In fact, it could be one of the laws of Instagram! Building up lots of followers and being an influencer means that you know your audience and deliver what they’re looking for.

There could be one other law that’s just as important: know your brands.

When it comes to making money as an influencer, it’s not just about how many followers you have and who’s paying attention – although those things are essential – it’s also about who thinks you could be a good brand ambassador on Instagram for their products. They’re the ones who want to sell their products and are willing to shell out cold, hard cash to influencers and brand ambassadors to make it happen.

Industries paying the most for Instagram posts as a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador on Instagram, nowadays, is most valuable within a few niches. Clothing is a big one, with high fashion paying more than casual fashion and style, though both can be lucrative. Then comes fitness, travel, makeup and cosmetics, and jewelry.

The general rule is that the more expensive the product, the more the brands will pay. These brands will also expect more followers from their brand ambassadors.

For example, if you want to become a clothing brand ambassador on Instagram, brands like H&M and Forever 21 can be a good option, but high fashion brands like Gucci, Burberry, and Coach will bring much more.

But, you’ll have to get up to that level. 15,000 followers might be enough to start snagging you free goodies and maybe some coin for your H&M posts, but Gucci and LV will want to see 40,000 or more followers in order to consider you as an ambassador for their products.

brand ambassador on instagram

Let’s break things down a bit by industry:

In makeup and cosmetics (where you’ll need at least 70,000 followers to start getting paid as an influencer), Chanel, Mary Kay, L’oreal, and Mac are a few of the brands’ influencers can aspire to.

When it comes to travel – another niche where things start becoming possible around 70,000 followers – brands like Hilton, Starwood, and Marriott could be some of the biggest payers.

High fashion influencers will want to get in with Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, LV. Big name fashion houses, especially European ones with global appeal, are the highest paying clients.

But, here’s the catch. A brand ambassador job description wouldn’t be too accurate if we said it went like this: get lots of followers and start getting paid big bucks from Chanel, Starwood, and Sephora.

That’s not a realistic goal. It’s not an entirely unfeasible one, either, but it’s one that will come with a lot of competition and time.

When talking about the highest paying brands, we think it’s better to talk about the highest paying brands for where you’re at as a brand ambassador.

For an urban style influencer with 6,000 followers (and growing), Urban Outfitters and Gucci aren’t the highest-paying brands. That brand ambassador might be able to snag free stuff from Urban Outfitters, but neither one is going to pay them much – or anything, probably.

brand ambassador on instagram

A higher paying brand would be a local, smaller brand with one or a couple of stores. It’s a brand the influencer would reach out to and suggest collaboration with. And it wouldn’t bring the dazzling amounts famous influencers claim, but it would bring some real, hard-earned dollars, and a foot in the door.

A campaign with that local company, a bit of coin, and a few thousand followers later, Urban Outfitters might offer some money per post, instead of just goodies.

Up next: higher and higher paying brands for a brand ambassador

So, we’ll say it like that. The highest paying brands for Instagram posts aren’t the big dogs paying top dollar to multi-million follower accounts – they’re the brands you reach out to, that fit your level of followers and engagement, that will start paying you cash that corresponds to where you’re at.

And that will help you grow.

Need some inspiration? Look at this list of the best fashion Instagram accounts out there to see what they’re wearing – and who they’re promoting.

And one tip from us: check out, an Instagram bot that helps you automate various aspects of your Instagram. Making money on Instagram takes a lot of time and effort – AiGrow lets you spend them on being creative and making the content that will get you there, instead of lurking on Instagram responding to people and timing your posts.

And keep posting, influencers of the Instasphere!

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