In this post, we will show you how to be an Instagram model – even if you have no experience and you’re just starting. Also, you can find out how to become an Instagram influencer here.


Here are 6 tips on how to be an Instagram model:

1. Know your passion

What is one thing you like to talk about with your friends and you have always been passionate about? This is precisely the one thing you should also share on your Instagram or at least incorporated in your posts.  It can be makeup and beauty, dogs, fashion.

Once you have a passion that you share with your audience, it’s going to connect you. Also, it will be much more likely for brands to reach out to you if you have a specific audience with a particular interest. So, find your passion. Talk about it which you would do anyway. And, think about defying and being clear about it and what you want to convey before you get started on Instagram

2. Make a list

One of the biggest problems people have is they don’t necessarily have an audience. The best way to solve this is by making a list of all the brand’s you like. For example, if you think” Hey, this sunglasses brand fits my style” tag them in your posts. And, use their hashtags. Because their marketing people will go through the brand’s hashtags. Furthermore, you can use other half-sites that are not brand specific like #yogagirl or #fitness. But make sure that you only use hashtags that have around 50,000 to 100,000 posts because of anything more than that it’s a popular hashtag.

3. Interact with others

It’s insane how much time we spend on networking. Instagram gives us the chance to network with people without awkward social interaction. You can comment on somebody’s picture. So be genuine with it. If you like somebody’s work, comment on their pics and tell them. You can send them a DM after a couple. That’s how you’re going to get into that whole circle. If you interact with people and start having a beautiful virtual friendship, it is going to get you furthers. That’s how you get most of the jobs as an Instagram model.

insatgram engagement

4. Consistency

This is an essential step you should take to be an Instagram model. Once you’re consistent in your posts, you have to stick with it. If you can commit to delivering high-quality content every day, do this but stick with it.

And the other aspect of consistencies is consistency in your feed. If you want to become a fashion model on Instagram, your Instagram is like a portfolio for clients. So, when they see your Instagram, they would be interested. And you need to have something unique and consistent in your pictures.

5. Quality content

This is another incredibly important step.  You don’t need to hire a photographer to take shots of you.  Instead of just showing off, give away some inspiration. For example, you can share tips about skincare or share your outfit – maybe you inspire people to follow the latest fashion trends whatever it may be. Once you create value, you have something unique (something that distinguishes you). This is precisely why brands are going to hire you.

quality content

6. Be unique

The most important thing is being unique. You’ll think about it if you do whatever the else is doing, no brands going to consider hiring you. However, once you bring something unique to the table, you have some trademark, or you show different aspects of you in your feet. Then, you’re going to be interesting for brands. Because it doesn’t matter if you talk about Instagram modelling or regular modelling, you have to show different brands what you’re capable of.

So, make it interesting, switch it up on the Instagram feed, take different pictures, and don’t be afraid of being unique.

Now, take a look at some top Instagram models:

Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner)

Instagram Model

As well as her fame from being a part of the Kardashian clan, Kendall has also made a name for herself in the modelling industry. She was only 14 when she was signed on to Wilhelmina Models modelling agency and has taken part in campaigns for some of the most famous brands in the world including Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Dolce & Gabbana, plus so many more.



Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne)

Instagram Model

Cara began her modelling career in 2002 at just aged 10. Since then, she’s built successful music, acting, and modelling career, working with brands such as Burberry and Vogue. The beaut Brit also won ‘Model of the Year’ Award in both 2012 and 2014 at the British Fashion Awards.


Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)

Instagram Model

When Gigi Hadid was just two years old, she landed her first modelling opportunity as a model for Baby Guess clothing. During her modelling career, she’s found fame through Instagram and has risen through the ranks to qualify as one of the most popular Instagram models on the planet.

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