Being an Instagram influencer is a very real job for many people around the world who’ve turned a social media hobby into a full-time career. Still, even the term “influencer” is very polarizing. So, what’s it really like to be an influencer? Here are some Instagram influencers who have shared their stories. Let’s have a look and find out how to get noticed on Instagram!

Here’s how influencers get noticed on Instagram:

Marianna Hewitt

Get Noticed on Instagram

Even while curating the perfect brand, it’s important to be unique in order to be successful”.

Marianna Hewitt, of the beauty brand Summer Fridays, said, “Don’t copy someone else’s format or style of photography because there is already someone doing that. The influencer world is very saturated but there is always room for new people.”

Lainy Hedaya

Influencer Lainy Hedaya agreed, “A lot of people think I just frolic around the world wearing cool clothes, taking selfies and my work is simple, but there’s a lot behind the scenes that goes into a single Instagram post.” She added that it can be tough to consistently portray your brand online to get noticed on Instagram, saying, “In some ways, social media can dehumanize a person. People think what they see on my Instagram is really my life.”

Kiersten Rich

Get Noticed on Instagram

Making a living with social media means you have to be on all the time.”

Kiersten Rich, of The Blonde Abroad, explained that the hardest thing about being an influencer is keeping up with it That’s how to get noticed on Instagram. “You can’t go on a week’s vacation. It’s every day, all day long”.

Influencers obviously prioritize their Instagram accounts, but Kiersten Rich says, “it’s important to evolve and change things up as internet and social media trends shift”. She added, “I realized very early on that you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket in this industry. Rich utilizes multiple apps, saying that it really all comes down to intuition as to which one works best.”

Jane Aldridge  

Influencer Jane Aldridge of Sea, of Shoes, claims her days are scheduled top-to-bottom, “Styling, shooting, post-processing, writing, web management, working on our food blog, correspondence, planning. It’s really a job like any other.”

Charlotte Nikitopoulos

Get Noticed on Instagram

Influencers might be hustling hard behind the scenes, but most people assume their job’s a joke”.

Charlotte Nikitopoulos, of Charlotte’s Lookbook, admitted: “Most influencers are highly educated people and are often seen to be nothing but a pretty face.”

So what are influencers doing aside from taking perfect photos to get noticed on Instagram?

According to many of them – a lot, and it’s pretty stressful.

Arielle Charnas

What influences my style the most, I would have to say is my followers. I guess friends, too”.

Arielle Charnas, who used Instagram to create her brand Something Navy, added that it can be tough to stay on top of things and get noticed on Instagram. “The pressure to deliver content every day is always there. The worst part is losing creative freedom.”

Caitlyn Warakomski

Caitlyn Warakomski, from How Do You Wear That, revealed that a huge part of her job is answering comments, DMs, engaging with my audience’s personal content and profiles in order to get noticed on Instagram. “It’s super important because it shows that you’re a real person. It’s like I’m your friend.”

Aimee Song

Get Noticed on Instagram

Engagement might be difficult to manage, but for some, the payoff is worth the effort”.

Aimee Song, from Song of Style, explains that while the swag and travel are great, what she really loves is her audience, adding, “Having an online community can be a very positive and empowering thing.  The best part about this journey is I get to meet so many amazing people.”

When Aimee Song first started Instagramming, she was paying for most of her travel experiences. But now, with her own brand and an immensely successful following, Song gets loads of opportunities she never dreamed to get noticed on Instagram – like front row fashion show seats, travel, clothes, and more.

Anonymous influencer

An anonymous influencer explained that the job is about more than just taking good pictures. “There is a certain savvy that is required, and if you don’t have it. You have to find someone to work with you who does have the savvy gene”.

There’s an emotional toll tied to a constant social media presence, and many Instagrammers are feeling the pain. A handful of influencers claimed that the pressure to be perfect all the time can be overwhelming.

Tamu McPherson

Tamu McPherson, of All the Pretty Birds feels competitive with other influencers confessing,” The standard is so high that I get frustrated when I can’t achieve the perfect feed”.

All in all, you cannot become an Instagram influencer overnight. You need to be patient. It might take a few months, but believe me, you will certainly see the results. And, there’s no reason why you can’t do so as well.

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