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Likes are credits for Instagram feeds. But gaining more likes on Instagram can be a real challenge, especially when you run a business, and they are so many competitors. Many apps can help you to receive more likes.

As the number of likes on Instagram indicates the popularity of a post, reaching a high number of likes is a task of great importance. When you improve your number of likes, your engagement rate will increase too. And that’s all you need to be a winner on Instagram.

Gaining more likes is hard when you are alone. But don’t worry; there are many apps that you can use to increase that number next to your Instagram heart. In the following, we introduce some of the Instagram-related apps that you can download and gain more likes while using them.


AiGrow is a professional Instagram marketing platform that offers all types of tools and services to its customers. With a team of experts in social media marketing, you can safely leave your Instagram account to AiGrow and wait for your business to grow.

AiGrow came up with an immediate, and yet feasible business plan for your Instagram account that guarantees 100% success. AiGrow uses Instagram engagement groups or Pods to gather likes for feeds. It’s an effective, proven method that has been used by many users.

In these pods, there are Instagrammers with the same tastes and interests in different business niches that are grouped in different categories. In these pods, members help others to reach a higher level of engagement by offering mutual likes, comments, shares, and saves.

When you schedule a post on AiGrow, the other will be notified when the feed publishes on Instagram by AiGrow Chatbot. After that, you can sit back relaxed and watch your post getting more and more likes.

get likes on instagram app download

Tip 1: If you want to focus on getting likes, make sure that you join pods that offer “likes” on their activity. There are pods such as the “Like” pod that are only focused on gaining more likes.

Tip 2: If you want to use AiGrow Pods, you must do these two steps: First, join AiGrow Chatbot on Telegram. Second, schedule a post. Do not skip these two steps; otherwise, it won’t work.

 Get Likes on Instagram

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To gain the most advantage of AiGrow Pods, we highly recommend using the VIP growth service. With only $200 per month, you can enjoy a dedicated account manager that allocates 30 hours per month only to your account. These experts will use your target setting to make your account grow on daily bases.

Also, AiGrow searches hashtags, locations, and competitions constantly so that you could gain the best result. It can guarantee at least 500 organic and real follower growth per month. You can use AiGrow smart scheduler and the automatic DMs unlimited.


Unlike other Instagram related apps for gaining more likes, AiGrow can guarantee growth. It also offers 24/7 priority support for VIP users. Moreover, one of the AiGrow experts will walk you through each step, from setting your account to identifying your target audience.

Besides, there is another considerable advantage that makes AiGrow even more favorable by users. You can access the web-based AiGrow anywhere from your browser or through any device that you like. So, what do you waiting for?


StarLiker is an application for iPhones that can really help your likes grow. Apart from gaining likes with StarLike using its hashtag suggestions, you can also use a variety of photo filters. Use both of these tools to attract more followers to your feed. Also, this app is really easy to use, and you can apply several filters on your photo simultaneously.

get likes on instagram app download


EasyTags – Likes on Instagram enables you to create tailor-made groups of tags and save a lot of time. This way, you have packs of useful hashtags, and as a result, you gain more and more likes over time. Also, there are categories of hashtags created by the app that can help you save even more time.


This useful app suggests you the most trending hashtags that helps you to increase your likes and followers. As a result, you don’t have to dedicate your precious time searching for hashtags that might come handy. One of the most popular features of Insta Hashtags for Likes 2019 is that it offers hashtags in collections.

Last Word: If you want to grow your business or personal page like a pro, it’s better to trust pros! Use the best applications for your page and just wait to see the instant results.

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