Love food? See yourself as a bit of a critic? Have a fantastic palate and a penchant for dining out? Learn how to become a food blogger on Instagram in a few simple steps! This article might make you hungry!

Instagram Food Bloggers Are An Important Bunch!

The main job description of an Instagram food blogger is to travel around their cities, countries or towns and try different foods, then take pictures of it and write about it. They rate restaurants, they recommend flavour combinations and they sometimes act as brand ambassadors to famous names in food.

A great example of a successful Instagram food blogger is Jamie Oliver. This British chef has managed to change the way the general public regard school meals and healthy eating, carving a niche for himself as a healthy eating inspiration.

Another well-known food blogger is Sam Schnur! The food she showcases to her followers is amazing, nothing seen before!


Become an Instagram Food Blogger Today!

It truly isn’t that hard. Set yourself up an Instagram account and go out there and live the life of a food blogger! How? We’ll explain in a few easy steps!


Step 1: Get Started on Instagram

You won’t get anywhere without that account, so set yourself up a banging page to attract the right type of people. Which type of people you want to attract will depend on what aspect of food you go for. For example; where Jamie Oliver favors the healthy lifestyle, Elavegan has made a huge following from fantastic vegan recipes, instead. Her following is smaller because her niche is more specific, but she still manages to make a healthy profit as an Instagram food blogger helping vegans everywhere!

jamie oliver food blogger


Step 2: Get A Real Camera

One of our top tips is to invest in a real camera and not to rely on your phone for your photographs. Real cameras have been specifically designed to do their job whereas you phone will mess around with light and focus. Take the picture and store it to digital, then edit it up later if you like. If you can’t afford to splash out on a new camera just yet see this article from LifeHacker about how to take better photos with your smartphone. If you can afford that camera then this article from the IGDC regarding the best entry-level cameras for turning you into a successful Instagram food blogger.


Step 3: A Food Blogger Needs To Eat!

food blogger eating

There are a few ways you can approach your path as an Instagram food blogger. If you want to create your own recipes and instigate a lifestyle type following then you need to shop, prepare, photograph and detail your recipes. If you want to critique other’s work then you need to go out and eat. If you want to rate other people’s plates then you are too late – it’s already been done! (P.S. If you want to be a real professional food blogger then you should already be following Gordon Ramsay!)

Take lots of photos of your plates, detail everything you can and be sure to make daily posts to stay on top of everyone’s feed – and you will be well on your way to becoming a top food blogger on Instagram!



Don’t forget that having the correct tools to hand will make the path to foodie success even smoother! Head on over and sign up for your free trial of AiGrow today and get started with the most efficient Instagram toolset on the market.

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