If you’ve researched online advertising strategies lately or even just as a mainstream consumer you’ve probably come across the phrase influence marketing or just influencer. Although, Instagram influencer marketing might be the buzzword of the moment. What it is and how it works is a little bit more complex than it might seem at first.

How Instagram influencer marketing works

To explain this concept will start from high-level theory and then work our way down to how small business owners can implement an effective Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

This isn’t just any graph it’s a network where each letter represents a person. There are three important spots on this graph: D, F and G, and H.

D is the opinion leader because they’re connected to everyone in the main cluster. F and G are the pulse takers since they have the shortest path to everyone else. And finally, H is the information broker between the main cluster and the two outliers. All of these people are influencers for this network because they effectively transmit information

How to become an Instagram influencer

This is important because real-life social networks mimic social media networks. You’re more effectively using your resources by trying to reach influencers rather than by trying to reach every individual in a network. Sounds like something that your brand could use.

Instagram Influencer

Let’s cover the five steps to a killer Instagram influencer marketing campaign:

1: Find your niche

One general way to success for many small businesses is to find a niche and establish a principal place in that niche. Therefore, there will always be portions of the population whose needs for special goods or services are unmet. Start by investigating a specific category and form your own thoughts.

2: Set your goals

What do you want to achieve out of your influencer marketing campaign? Wider reach, more impressions more, sales it’s important to set your goals now and then figure out how much time and resources you’re willing and able to commit to your influencer marketing campaign.

3 Find your influencers

Start by evaluating their niche, reach engagement and reputation.  You want to make sure that the influencers messaging and audience matches your own. Just be cautious because reach and engagement can be bought or manipulated.

Instagram Influencer

4: Manage your relationship

Just like you would any business partner make sure that you treat them with respect give them creative freedom and give them timely compensation.

5: Measure your results

Did you get what you wanted to out of your influence or marketing campaign? Did you get a good return on your investment and reach your goals?  Use these results to inform and craft your next influencer marketing campaign.

Finally, be wary of the fact that you can land in legal trouble if you don’t disclose your paid partnerships with influencers. Make sure your influencers either use the hashtag ad or advertisement or verbally mention that this is a paid partnership. Influencer marketing has a lot of buzz around it but leveraging social networks to persuade people has always been at the core of marketing.

At first influencer marketing has a bit of a learning curve and take some guesswork and adjustment but you’ll get the hang of it in no time and hopefully, our five steps have given you a solid foundation to start up with so go out there and start influencing some customers.

There is one unanswered question yet.

How many followers does it take to become a successful influencer?

Influencer measurements

There are a few different metrics which can tell the actual impact a persona of influence can have on Instagram.

Number of followers

The first way to measure influence is the number of followers. Since you were attracted to read this article. This is the metric you are most interested in.  An influencer with 1000 followers is likely to have less influence than someone with 100k followers. However, this is not always the case.


Engagement can be assessed in some different ways.  You have to be strategic and develop patterns of interaction. You should leave comments, like photos, respond to questions and find ways to connect with followers. An influencer with 100 followers will generate far lower engagement than someone with 100k followers, naturally.

Basically, you need to let people know that your account is there as a benefit for them. You need to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to engage with your followers, leave comments, like photos and engage on their platforms.


It is another important factor to consider.  Reach and engagement should be assessed together. Every piece of content has the potential to reach in the eyes of active users. For instance, a campaign that reaches 10,000 people might only generate 10 clicks, while one user with 500 people may generate the same 10 clicks if it is highly engaging content.

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