Using influencer marketing platforms to find Instagram influencers can be expensive. They are great, and I am a massive advocate of brands and marketers using them. However, the budget may be scarce, so paying to use platforms to find Instagram influencers is probably too high of a cost for some.

Other websites will consolidate lists of 15 tools, but they aren’t all great. I have gone against this and compiled a short list of the very BEST influencer discovery tools that will cost users absolutely nothing to use.

Here is a list of the best FREE influencer discovery tools to find Instagram influencers:

HypeAuditor: Find Instagram Influencers

find instagram influencers

HypeAuditor is one of the most in-depth Instagram influencer discovery and ranking tools you can find for free. The platform show users the top 1000 Instagram influencers that can be filtered through via categories like Beauty & Fashion, Music & TV, and much more.

HypeAuditor - Free Report

The free report for each influencer highlights global rank, country rank, category rank, authentic engagement per post, and much more. Additionally, users can search for any username outside of the 1000 influencers list but given one free report.


Interestingly, the platform includes an award system for each influencer showcasing further how they rank amongst others.

HypeAuditor - Audience

HypeAuditor offers an array of audience insights including demographics, type, reachability (follows less than 1500 accounts), and authenticity.

In conclusion, this platform is one of the best around, considering what it offers for free; there is so much insight users can gain on the top 1000 Instagram accounts, it provides a clean and colourful layout, and the platform is extremely responsive with no performance issues.

Heepsy: Find Instagram Influencers

find instagram influencers

Heepsy is perfect for those in search of macro and micro-influencers on Instagram. The platform offers a free membership where users can only use up to 3 tags per search, scanning just the bio of a profile. Users can only unlock five accounts per month to get contact information, so choose wisely!

Profile cards are displayed showing highly valuable information such as follower count and engagement rate.

find instagram influencers


Once the platform users select a profile card, given is information such as the cost for average posts and the latest videos and contact information.

All in all, this platform is excellent if you own a business in search of a hand-full of influencers for a campaign. For small and large companies, micro-influencers are of the most value due to their high engagement rate and low costs per post. Heepsy is one worth checking out.

Searchmybio: Find Instagram Influencers

find instagram influencers

Searchmybio is another amazing Instagram bio search tool. It connects it’s users with thousands of micro and macro influencers very easily. Users can filter results using follower count ranges and hashtags.

find instagram influencers

The search results page shows a lot of relevant information like follower count, engagement rate, posts per week, influencer’s webpage, and the option to view their Instagram profile.

The search is top to bottom, but I’d prefer a streamlined results page considering the search I did for ‘fitness’ had over 7000 influencers. Also, there was no next page selection but an endless scrolling functionality  – I want to see more results in a shorter time frame.

Searchmybio - user lists

Another strong feature is that users can create lists and then export them into CSV files.

searchmybio - csv.jpg

The CSV file has everything needed like username, full name, follower count, website link, and Instagram URL.

Overall this tool works great. It populates a bunch of influencers that users can easily contact very quickly. A streamlined search results page would be better but other than that; it’s damn near everything you’d want in a free influencer discovery tool.


InfluencerDB: Find Instagram Influencers

find instagram influencers

InfluencerDB is a powerful tool with many features. The level of data it provides for a free service is one of the best, if not the best, around.

find instagram influencers

The search results page provides users with user name, follower account, full name, Instagram bio, and buttons to navigate to Instagram and the influencer’s website.

influencerdb - stats

When users select statistics, they have a wide selection of goodies to look through. The overview landing page is the first section that will pop up with the follower, following, and post counts. Also, profile category, language, and location are available to see.

influencerdb - rankings

Users can view profile rankings which include global ranking, language ranking, and profile category ranking – see how an influencer profile ranks among the rest.

influencerdb - stats chart

A statistics chart is an excellent feature as users can see follower change over 30 days as well as day by day changes.

influencerdb - comparison.jpg

The best InfluencerDB feature is the ability to compare your selected influencer with other influencers just by typing in their username. This tool is beneficial when marketers want an organized layout of how one influencer could be better than another.

InflunecerDB is much to offer, and I recommend using this.

TRIBE: Find Instagram Influencers

Tribe Group - Content Suggestions.jpg

Tribe is a bit more direct than many other influencer search platforms. Marketers and brands create brief campaigns then invite influencers to participate. If an influencer is interested, they develop a piece of content, and the brand buys it if they like it.

Tribe is a great platform for marketers and brands as they can easily create campaigns and search for influencers who submit content proposals. Find Instagram Influencers

find instagram influencers blew me away immediately. The search functionality was strong, and many of the features it had were incredible for a free platform. Enter the influencer categories and locations targeted as well as the preferable Instagram follower count. BOOM! Influencer members populated with ease.

find instagram influencers

The platform includes an advanced search function where users can apply more filters. Filters include Influencer total reach, Instagram followers, Instagram engagement rate, the starting rate for posts, and so much more.

find instagram influencers

With even more filtration, users can organize their searches based on total reach, Instagram followers, engagement rate, starting rate in both descending and ascending order.

find instagram influencers includes the ability to search for influencers who have worked with a particular brand. Search Nike and users will find a host of influencers who have worked with the brand as well as the content used. - profile

Once users go to the profile page, they will be able to see Instagram reach, engagement rate, likes per post, comments per post, audience demographics, and much more. - convo

The platform offers an internal messaging platform where influencers and marketers can interact and build relationships, pitch campaign ideas, negotiate rates and much more.

All in all, this platform for free is one of the best offering a bunch of features other free platforms do not. Definite recommendation.


All of these platforms have their unique features, which feature users use is dependant on what features are most helpful for the campaign or information sought to find Instagram influencers. I hope influencer marketers and influencers gain something from this blog post, not just which free influencer discovery tools are the best, but the best practices associated with finding influencers and how effortless the process can be.

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