Most Emotionally Engaging Christmas Ads of 2023

    How many Instagram, users are celebrating Christmas in the world? Answering this question requires some background information on when Instagram was born and used by the mass of people.

    Launched in 2010, it took Instagram only 3 years to have 130 million monthly active users in 2013, which was a big milestone for a mainly mobile photo-sharing app at the time. 5 years later, in 2018, the statistics were exceptional, reaching 1 billion monthly active users.

    Instagram has enlarged its world from being a holiday photo-sharing app to the glamour of influencers, brands, marketers, and advertisers by having 500 million active users daily and over 25 million businesses promoting their products and services on this platform.

    It is not far from the truth to say a vast world of different types of users, so preparing for Christmas even in countries with few Christians, and Instagram offers many and various reasons to consider this as a unique opportunity for brands to promote their business besides happily celebrating the New Year.

    Incredible Christmas Marketing Campaigns of 2020 on Instagram

    Holiday marketing campaigns, especially at Christmas, are always a welcome sight thanks to the festive period’s gift-giving traditions. People are on the lookout for a good bargain to shop for gifts they believe to be suitable or lavish.

    Here are some of the greatest Christmas Instagram marketing campaigns of 2020, that not only did they advertise their own business, but they also conveyed a moral or emotional message.

    • Did Santa forget your gift? PACCI has teamed up to help you win one!
      PEACCI, (@peaccibrand) has offered a 12-day giveaway campaign full of chances for its followers to win a prize. To enter the competition, all you had to do was to follow their pages, like that post, and tag 3 friends who would have loved the gift of a £500 voucher.
    • lets their followers try their products, (@welldotca) has run a campaign that gives its winners a package of their products worth more than $250. Giving your customers a chance to test some of your best-sellers could be one of the best ways to promote your brand.

    • Instead of choosing one winner, LaCroix Sparkling water chooses five

    It is of great importance not to forget about runners-up, and Lacroix, (@lacroixwater) is fully aware of that. In their 2020’s competition, they give generous gifts to 6 winners. Their approach has built a friendly relationship with their followers that talks everyone into buying their products.

    • Woodie’s spreads love with random acts of kindness

    Christmas marketing campaigns are not all about triumphs and trophies. On the other hand, it could be about the value of celebrating the festive period with love. Woodie’s, (@woodies_ireland), which sales DIY supplies and accessories to home and gardening projects, has recently posted a Christmas ad that tells the story of an elderly lady whose fence gate is broken and a simple act of homemaking becomes a beautiful act of kindness from a neighbor to her.

    • Woodie’s spreads love with random acts of kindness

    Quizzes have appealed to people for ages. This is always rewarding to win a prize, have fun with answering some questions, and an effective tool for brands to test their audience’s knowledge of their products and better understand the wants and needs of their audience.

    However, Orla Chennaoui (@sportsorla), a sports broadcaster, podcaster, columnist, and writer, has taken this to higher echelons by holding a Christmas quiz night to raise money for charity. Christmas is about helping others, after all.

    • See the real me with Corridor Crew

    Taking advantage of IGTV has always helped campaigns interact with a highly engaged community of fans and followers. It is a fantastic way to increase trust, along with engagement.

    Corridor crew, (@corridordigital) which has been working in YouTube studio for quite some time, is a team of VFX experts analyzing good and bad CGI in movies and also making videos with some of their own ideas of how to use visual effects in some innovative ways.

    However, they know how engaging it is for their audience to see every step they take, from concept to production, that they have decided to share behind the scenes of their videos both on YouTube and IGTV. This gives their audience a deeper insight into their work and also their cozy studio.


    Christmas Instagram Marketing Ideas to Run Your 2020 Campaigns

    These examples must have inspired your innovation already, yet here is a list of ideas that campaigns above have used in addition to some other authentic ideas for your holiday marketing.

    1. Christmas competitions

    Utilizing Christmas UGC (User-Generated Content) competitions are a good opportunity to increase interaction between customers and your brand. This is a win-win competition as it’s likely to be very entertaining for your audience and informative for you.

    UGC competitions also give you free high-quality content as well as building up a rapport with your customers.

    • Festive quizzes

    Many Christmas-themed questions could be combined with your type of product that people find intriguing to take part in and show more engagement. It raises a sense of community and holiday spirit among your followers that easily leads to more sales.

    • Festive poll

    It works very similarly to festive quizzes. Run a poll, ask Christmas-themed questions while focusing on your products, and utilize product tags to generate interaction and engagement.

    For example, if you are promoting a coffee brand, ask which one of your drinks is your followers’ favorite for a holiday? Remember that there is always another side to these activities that give you useful information about your audience’s interests, be open to take advantage of it.

    • A 12-day Christmas Instagram campaign 

    This countdown campaign is another way to increase engagement. Offer a discount, voucher, package, or anything else that you find appropriate on each day. Show your online community how grateful you are for their support by raffling prizes. This may not sound much, but it means a lot to your audience when you show how much you care about them.

    • Collaborate with a charity

    Of course, this strategy builds public trust, but it also spreads lots of love and holiday spirit in the season of goodwill. This will eventually lead to more sales and brand awareness.

    Collaborate with a charity


    Instagram is an effective platform to run Christmas campaigns to show that you care about your audience, and Christmas for your customers is all about surprises and gifts.

    This will help you increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand and gain new followers into the bargain. Which idea did you find more interesting or effective to run your campaign with? 

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