Instagram is just about style. Being up to date with photos, hashtags, and username on Instagram will make you popular. You can the best profile of Instagram, but with an inappropriate username you will tear it down.  In this post, we will discuss how to choose a creative username and how it can affect your future as well. In the end, we will show you the most creative Instagram names.

How to Pick a Creative Instagram Name

There are some different tips you need to know if you want to have a good username.

1. Choose related username

The first tip for choosing a good username would be to choose something that relates to your niche. This just makes it easier for people to find you. For example, if you pick “fashion_biz” as the username but the whole page is about bitcoin, obviously it wouldn’t make sense and people wouldn’t click on your page.

Even though, if they like the cryptocurrency they won’t know that your page is about bitcoin. Try not to just pick random words which don’t mean anything. Make it something relatable that people can recognize just from looking at your user name. Then, choose that username and keep it as professional as you can.

Creative Instagram Names

2. Do not overuse extra characters

The second tip would be to try and avoid using too many extra characters. Keep it as simple as you can. Try not to use too many numbers, underscores, dots, and dashes (or things like that).  Unfortunately, many of the usernames are already taken on the internet.

You might have realized it when you create your username. But you need to get out there and be as creative as you can. If you really need to use numbers, underscore or dots in the username, make it the best version out there. Therefore, everybody knows you are that username even if it does have a number, a dot or an underscore.

Creative Instagram Names

3. Be creative

Try to think as much outside of the box as you can so that people just stop for a while and click to have a look at your page and see what’s happening here because of the creative username that you’ve come up with.

Note: Don’t make it too creative though because it could be weird and turn people away.

A good place to find perfect examples of creative Instagram names is Tumblr.  As it sounds, Tumblr is a super special creative place. A lot of weird things go on this website but the usernames are really creative and unique. So, take a look through Tumblr and see anything that you like, combine different usernames together.

Another place to get inspiration from is just blog names. Many blogs have turned into full-time businesses and you can understand from their names that they’ve kept it simple and created something bigger than just starting out what they initially set out to do.

Creative Instagram Names

4. Keep it simple

Some of the creative Instagram names are they are really simple and effective and something that can be transformed into a business aim one day. So, think quite far into the future. I know this is a tough thing to do and it’s like asking a high school student to choose the career for the rest of their life!

However, things obviously do change in the process. Therefore, try and choose something initially where you can create and establish your brand right from the get-go. The thing is if you work hard and believe in that name then you can make something out of any username.

Now, while you know how to pick an Instagram username, take a look at the most creative Instagram names of all time.

100 of The Best Creative Instagram Names

  • @deadofwrite

  • @inkandfable


  • @weworewhat

  • @chillhouse

  • @iamwellandgood

  • @loversland

  • @nitch

  • @wherearetheavocados

  • @sincerelyjules

  • @babynative

  • @thedad

  • @betches

  • @wearelivingart

  • @gaybestfriend

  • @diet_prada

  • @yourgirlmax

  • @drunkbetch

  • @collectiveworld

  • @biancachandon

  • @americanfailure

  • @havelesstravelmore

  • @poemsporn

  • @wolfcubwolfcub

  • @velvetcanyon

  • @girlwithnojob

  • @rookiemag

  • @bigsecret

  • @creaturesofcomfort

  • @lusttforlife

  • @apartmenttherapy

  • @plantifulsoul

  • @therow

  • @doyoutravel

  • @thoughtcatalog

  • @satiregram

  • @farfetch

  • @whats_ur_sign

  • @everydaypursuits

  • @workparty

  • @dirtybootsandmessyhair

  • @thesassyclub

  • @girlwithnojob

  • @somethingnavy

  • @createcultivate

  • @moss_angeles

  • @thebutchersdaughter

  • @keen

  • @studiobicyclette

  • @filmforher

  • @rainbowsalt

  • @idreamofunicorns

  • @fuckyoumakeart

  • @lesparisiennesdumonde

  • @comefeelme

  • @coyoteflowers

  • @watts.on

  • @loversland

  • @motelvibes

  • @fogwoodandfig

  • @vintageparis

  • @darksun

  • @psychosocialclub

  • @purrienne_

  • @latenightsinthecity

  • @dirtydisco

  • @sugarhighlovestoned

  • @dontfeedtheunicorn

  • @publicbutter

  • @032c

  • @ihateblonde

  • @loveseeker

  • @ssense

  • @placesplusfaces

  • @manicpixiememegurl

  • @_woldandmoon

  • @scarymommy

  • @basementfox

  • @4thandbleeker

  • @theloversanddriftersclub

  • @lackofcolouraus

  • @weekendlust

  • @zippyseve

  • @magicalworld

  • @iblamejordan

  • @petiue

  • @bagatiba

  • @openair

  • @fragmentation

  • @witchoria

  • @_sightunseen_

  • @snarkitecture

  • @digitalf33ls

  • @bloomingalchemy

  • @natureangel


  • @jimsandkittys

  • @sundaze

  • @chillwildlife

  • @the_wylde

All in all, it’s not just about the username that you have but how you make it into something great. That needs some hard work and patience.

If you want to know how Instagram influencers pick their Instagram usernames, click here.

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