Having a media kit is essential for you to become a good influencer. An influencer media kit like the Canva media kit is an online portfolio that tells brands everything they need to know about you.  A lot of free media kit templates are accessible. All you need to do is fill the template with your data. In this article, we intend to introduce the Canva media kit, its features, and what you should be including in your influencer media kits!

Access to Canva Media Kit

Canva media kit

Canva can be found on the web, iOS and Android devices as well. Just go to the Canva website and begin building your design. You don’t need anything to download for Canva, create an account and log in. If you want to design on your smartphone, you can download the Canva media kit free on the Apple or Google store.


Getting Started with Canva Media Kit

After signing up successfully, you can see the Canva media kit editor where you can design, collaborate, share, publish, and more. 


Canva media kit


In the Menu bar (specified in the picture) you can change the name of your design. Your designs are saved automatically as you work. But you can use the manual save option too.


In the side panel, you can find templates images including photos, illustrations and icons and elements like grids and frames. The text tab allows you to add a text box to your design, or you can choose text.

There’s also the uploads tab where you can add your photos and images to your designs and then there’s the folders tab, where you can organize your designs and images.

To create a design, you can use a template or design from scratch. Find a template by scrolling or use the search bar to search. Then click or drag and drop your chosen template. Templates are fully customizable.


How to Use Canva Templates

Canva media kit

It’s easy with the Canva media kit to create spectacular designs. You don’t have to be a designer when you are working with Canva. Templates offer an excellent shortcut to excellent design and work as your message’s starting point. Whether you want to improve your social media feed or have influence at your next job presentation, in Canva with more than 50,000 templates, you will discover something that covers all your design requirements.


Every template is entirely customizable, so you can alter any component according to your requirements if a template is not entirely appropriate. 


Essential Items in an Influencer Media Kit


Essentials to Include in Your Media Kit

  • Major information about yourself: you don’t need to share every little detail of your life. Brands and marketers want to know a little about you. Abstract your bio in a few words, highlighting your experience in whatever niche your blog or social activity focuses on.
  • Your contact information: You need accurate and correct and up-to-date contact detail. Include at least your email, website, and social addresses. Ideally, add your phone number as well as your postal address. Preferably, add your phone number as well as your postal address. 
  • The number of your followers on social media: This provides an excellent idea to potential sponsors where you are successful and where you are most popular. They want to be able to know if you’re going to match their objectives well and if you’re going to attract the same kind of follow-up as their target audience.
  • A summary of your partnerships and works: if you’ve already begun some influencer branding, refer to some of the best works in your media kit.
  • Your pricing values: It may be hard to decide on payment prices when you first recognize that people believe you as an influencer. However, many influencers start their businesses with companies paying them with a free product instead of money.
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