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A successful Instagram can be defined in many ways: the quality of the content, how unique its niche is, how authentically it engages with followers. Despite all that, there’s one metric that winds up seeming like the most important one: the number of followers.

How many followers you have is kind of like money. When you have a lot, you don’t think about it at all. But if you don’t have enough and want more, you spend all your time thinking about it.

And that quandary has led more than one Instagrammer to ask themselves: can I buy real Instagram followers? And if so, how can you buy real Instagram followers?

The latter question comes from the fact that the net is awash with services where you can buy Instagram followers – and although they work, the followers they deliver are zombie and bot accounts that contribute to your total follower count, but don’t comment, like, or engage with your Instagram in any way.

So while in that sense you can buy Instagram followers, it wouldn’t be appropriate to call them ‘real.’ And it’s not really worth the money, since a dead and uncommented Instagram isn’t fooling too many people, even if it has lots of followers.


So, here is how to buy real Instagram followers!

What can you do is use Instagram growing platforms and services to help boost and grow your Instagram. They aren’t magic – they don’t create content and stories that engage your users for you – but they do offer a variety of tools that help boost your efforts to start making new followers, something that generates themselves.

Those tools are a thing like engagement groups (or Instagram pods, as they’re known), automation services that handle responses, likes, comments, timed posting, and things like that.

It’s not so simple as waving your Paypal account and seeing your Instagram fill up with followers, but it does work – in a real, organic way that helps you maximize your content, rather than just fluff up your Instagram with zombie followers.

One of the best services to buy real Instagram followers is It’s an all-in-one Instagram bot and follower-generator that combines a variety of services and features to help you grow your Instagram. That means engagement groups, posting schedules, direct messages, and all the tools you need to put your Instagram on auto-pilot while you focus on finding and creating great stories.

AiGrow - Engagement Groups

So, to answer the question: no, it’s not possible to buy real Instagram followers – just like that, in any case. But it is possible to use the right automation tools to take some of the burdens off your shoulders or liking, responding, and planning everything all the time – leaving you time to focus on your creativity!

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